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We are doing this power point on Hitler because Hitler was the

main cause of World War 2. Hitler was ruler of Germany in World

War 2. He was a very evil man. This biography is about of his rise
to power


Hitler was born on the 20th of April

1889 in Austria. His father Alois was
51 when Hitler was born. His mother
Klara was very over protected after
she had other children that all died at
a very young age. Alois Hitler died
when Hitler was 13. Hitler was very
unpopular at school and left school at
the age of 15 after doing very badly
in exams.

After not doing very well
in exams Hitler didnt
have many options when it
came to a job. Hitler
wanted to paint he tried to
get into the Royal
Academy of art he tried to
get in three times but got
refused those three times.

In WW1 Hitler was a soldier he was

fighting for Germany. Hitler got
injured on his eye sight. Hitler
blamed the Jews for Germany
losing WW1.

The Rebirth of Hitler

Important Points On the Way to

Power and World War II

Hitlers rise to power

In 1920 Hitler became National Socialist German Workers party Nazi

In 1921 Hitler became chairmen in 1922. He came president in 1933 .

Hitlers Beliefs

Germany should dominate the world

Germany was a Master Race. making them become

All the Jews in Europe should leave or be killed.
Germans should marry German not other races.

Preparation for War

Economic recovery with Hitler around
primary object of war preparation
European powers to goal of expansion

His book Mein Kampf

Hitlers Medical Life

Hitler was Mentally ill he suffered periods of blindness ,he was
always shouting and , Paranoia ,emotional and he had lots of
problems as a child.

Hitler died on the 30th April 1945, he committed suicide. He shot

himself in the mouth in his bunker.