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Busk it! COUNTRY 184 country classics in *‘Busker’ arrangements... way. © br re D7 Fe Rain = ing tn My Hear The Rain - ing in My on, misery mis er What's gonna be- come of 10 ne? 1 tell my blues they must - n't show, But soon these ean we Gr c D7 Game c ound to flom,— “Caute Ws rain = ing Raining ta My Hear. Oh, Lonesome Me Words & Music by Don Gibson Sp 058 nae 1 tet toe We Encorpracd, WS. SEV ints EEA EESScon tal Gopyeapne secured Moderately © a Ev < ‘ry = body's go in’ out and hav ~ in? rm jut 8 fool for tod ms stake Pm) makin’ just by hang = int Tow that 1 should rust ‘be some way "T can lose these Tone Foc = get te © cr F stay = iw’ ome and hav int pone, 1 cant gto ver how she sete fee, fave some fin and paint the town, A. Tove - sick fool thas blind and just can't see. pst and find some - "bo dy news —— Ve thouge ‘of ev ty - thing from At Z. Toots @ G7 cere a = Oh, Lone - some Me A = Oh Lone: some eee ro = On Lone “some bet she's not ike me, She's out and fan = cy fee, Flin - ing with the boys with all er charms, But 1 till love er 5, And brother don't you G or Dic Code nou, Pd wel - come er right back here in my as, well, tere int Only The Lonely Words & Music by Roy Orbison & Joe Melson SEYRGNeS Ricesedl ister otal Gopyrtghe Secured Moderately On-ly The Lone know the way 1 feel to - igh, On-ly The Lone know this iy Lone = ly know the eart-aches I've been though On-ly The Lonely know 1 feeling ain't righ ey and cry for you. May -"be to - mor-roW, a? c Ar v7 G 7 So far a - pan, But On-ly The Lone - ly know — why. row — But that’s the chance you've got 10 take if you're Tone Wy. br Te DT a 1 ery, On ty The Lone = ty Only The Lome = Wy. — aaa east = break ——— Only The Oh, Pretty Woman Words & Music by Roy Orbison & Bill Dees Seated Tete Waa eCRE Reon abseil AETRIGRES ReServeds iceenetlona copyesene Secared Moderately. F Dm F Dm Pretty wo-man— walks ing down the Pret-ty wo-man,— The kind 1 tike to meet, — Pretty ab ce don't be = lieve you. You're mot the truth, No-one could look as good as you, F Dm F Mer-eyt— Pret-ty wo-man,— Won't you par-don me,— Pret-ty wo-man,— I could- nt Dm Bb 7 help but see.— Pretty worman,— ‘That you look fove-ly_ as canbe, Are you Tone-Iy just ike me? — bm hy ab Fm ee Pretty wo-man stop a while, — Pretty woman tak 12 Pret-ty wo-man give your smile to me, Pret-ty wo-man yeah yeah yeah, — Pret-ty- wo- man Fm bm Eb FT Dm Bh iad eeeeneteesteeeet eerie Pretty wo-man— don't walk on by.— Pretty wo-man,— Don't make me ery, Pret-tywo-man— don't walk a= way, — Hey, 1 guess I'l go on home— it's ‘mor-row night, but wait! What do I see, ig she walk-ing back to late, There'll be 10 F me? Yeah she's walking back 0 me Pretty Woe man, Born To Lose Words & Music by Ted Daffan SecA aS 2 cea ania arelaand Commornesgh, Usk Moderately Da? a7 oc F a c o F Soom to lose, Te ved omy life in By dram tas lose W seems Go hard to How tone o lose my “evs "ty hope is Ws fad o we to dream” of hap pl al ee 8 iCiiaTimcminn Gi ante Gm ly brought me pain, all my fife, veal = ways been 90, blue, l= ways have you near You've grown tied = and now You say) wee fice’ at emp = ty) dawn You" were all the hap - “ph ness only fone 2 = pes all “my ie veal ways been so bie, 12k fa a7 © Ffdim —G7sust_) Dm? G7 can oc ee Hello Mary Lou Words & Music by Gene Pitney "ance Limtced, 17 Puthaa Palace Rosé, Lontoe ¥6 (253) AEEESsceGtereae Tonal opyeighe Secured: Moderately ab Dm Gm BP eh You passed me by one sun - ny day, Flashed those big brown eyes my way and few your lips “T)—heard your voice—— Bille ‘me just had m0) choice, wild Bb 7 BP Dm oh = 1 wamt = ed you hom = es could | mt make az ievi een ee meen Now Tm not one that say 8 vay PT thought “a = tout a gets around, [swear my feet stuck fo. the round, And tho’ Tne - ver, did soon = light My ams "a\- bout you goed an’ “tight, That's all Bb eb a eid Hel to May Low Good-bye hear, Sweet Ma-ry Low t'm cr F7 BP b7 fo in love with you ____ Fo knew Ma = ry Lew, We'd te - ver So Wel - lo Ma- ty Lou, Good-bye heart" —_____ ' heat A White Sport Coat (And A Pink Carnation) Words & Music by Marty Robbins Ste We ete ied, Uaedon thes Ss SS SET Rgkes Eeerve Moderately TneéenattonatCapyeteheSeeuted Hh sive sport cont anda pink car = na ton, Tm all dressed a © Amt Dat a7 c Dmt ar Vm all a = lone in ro. ~ mance, Once you told me long a= g0,— ‘To the prom with 4