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Capital Program Keystone to

New Yorks Continued Global

Vitality and Competitiveness
4th Friday After-Dinner Series
Friday, January 23, 2015
7:00 PM
8:00 PM
9:00 PM

Shabbat Services
After-Dinner speaker:
Joshua Goldwitz
Deputy Director
MTA Capital Program Management

With over 6,300 subway cars, 2,400 commuter rail cars and
5,600 buses, MTA operates North Americas largest transit
system, a system valued at $1 trillion, and carrying 1/3 of all
US transit riders every day.
The regions position as a global capital of commerce over the
last 30 years has been sustained by over $100 billion in
Capital Program investments in the last 30 years. These
include renewing the systems trains, buses, tracks, signals,
stations; enhancing accessibility and the customer experience;
and expanding the reach of the network. This reinvestment
has resulted in subway ridership up 61% since 1992, now at
1.7 billion passengers per year, the most since 1951. The
Economist named New York the most globally competitive city
for business in 2012, emphasizing the importance of its
physical infrastructure.
Continued robust investment in the MTAs Capital Program is
required to preserve and develop the mobility that is critical to
our regions global competitiveness. The proposed 2015-2019
Capital Program calls for $32 billion in investments, yet only
$17 billion is funded. There is an ongoing dialogue with
stakeholders as how to best fund the remaining needs so we
can renew, enhance and expand the MTA network.
Josh will present the breadth, scope and value of this
important investment plan and take your questions!
This program is not to be missed!