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Advanced Persian Reading 8B pwd gai 8 241)5 Unit 6 fr ie based on the text of S195 92 ew A Stone on A Grave (1981) by wool JT Se Jalal Ale Anmad (1923-1969) designed by Michael Craig Hillmann compiled by Aziz Atai-Langrudi revisions by Behrad Aghaei Note: After completing each unit, readers can resolve remaining questions about meaning in the unit’s text by consulting the text’s. English translation in Jalal Al-e Ahmad’s A Stone on a Grave, translated from the Persian by Azfar Moin (Costa Mesa, CA: Mazda Publishers, 2008), Persian for America(ns)® 2012 ai explanation vil permanence imtensiy bass base ‘comfortable, unburdened belion, outburst, saon, reaoosip ys) ayy sexual relations een daly appointed couraged coe vows, paren take reatedto hee ieginate tata rent eons problem ila gh, arioeraey ae regulations oii ‘reatment, therapy, cure ciLgllas .g eal sore sso gelatin pan! mariage chal ition Deloving,convineot sesinst ‘ie finally, eventually ant, to castrate GAS Gal fodingnose;todiscem ala gayi to disobey, totum away fom anpay y= toadopt (child) gst he 3S Und lobese,tobesiuated 3.8 gL to sepoint cause despair 5238 este toate thik oe aie topvewpiheldeor. gat bats tomake(st)amiter of als 143.3, many of shes afervands fae sarcastically, allsvely bse in tis casrnstance ated a athe same tine Je gi shandoned aly go emagoey. deceiving he publi pss pga before (pep) sib Bote gol ssl s eta s Briggs soe tg at 3 Ss ee Ge 5 AS gat Sloe Gly 4 eed aS Gl elle ails BUI GN Shee S atl 5S aap S aS ge bay lege 20S Jed Ur8 Ich Eye Eel opty pyle Sat ee ge BS | at slopspel S slosls pee te ote tek 4h ie S aaa Cot ee SI ssh 9 S58 UrS Sit 8 EE slag bye tle wt 5 ASI ope wat GL aly eal 39 Sait ge ple Oke sans oe ot bibs ote Ete & cay ILS oF oted Eat 9 ghost sl Sl ee i glyal eb oles Bek aul Le tle oe oe Ul apts Gelesl ol ts Sakis pa gtlel Sly ste gl Je oll ol» gleel pls wae te BUS BIL sy asl lS Hot ole BLS 6s ore S 4S gaS aall poe S ath pe ol sph cals dle yt sl tee ly ” phe od pt ee | cISA Se Baye pS 955 GSS Sed ge SERRE Ol o ee eH LSI Soe Gare ent ba Uap pt ob 9 ott else! bly ge Seas Suh Gl es gob & gate Sot es be Se GL Sy ot ards LS ps Oe Sage gel Sot Jy} ob y Loot cam Spolo qe pe bb S Sq pies Stel og Sigee eG Sethe al ag JG GS gS of Gls cre 3h opt Settle S pe Gale path Sy Gili ae Ly ath eseda bb bottle qe ers 8 SHI pS bat chil Soper 355 © 59) eed ed Gye apd Gl 325 S Gee Ve 03 Say ASS oS AS EIS Chey oF v2 SL 5 Ee pspeed Se SBE 8 LI 8S JL Ge 3 JL ee JL et oat Gaye Soo Ho GF ST Jo 5 ged IB oo ord lee HY 5 1a G tales Gotet ag tate y cele 1D eS es gu58 phd S oy Sore atl y Stl wale Yo aly bles S Jus Sgael eal F Goes Gl Bes» Eb ple ltr s Sep oy the chee 5! th plas SS pee ee he Sey FHS IS gltjal Giese Gillon, po hot oe S ole OG tee be 0a5lt 9 553 SSE py oh ot eal 9S SERIES oly Ly Hag aay owtless ok edo ooh Yr Sob gate Seo cols oh, 48 pla ye Tajo od qos BE ees GYAN 5) tee este seated pS 9 Wher 9 lee SsLtl y DN S332 53 4B ase -ossdloe b Silt! lal aT cel tt ps eed 5g Sel ek be 9S Uo Std ¢ Sed Sl tls! es gily Gals ye cel gee S pelos w vo. Yo to tS os eet Gee hey aloe JE gles GIS eulS I oy BUSY peed ple GL gis G Gas ole ey yy A oo YS eal Stee e Cpe ay Glee Selby cate Go yLlS 28 36g pole ek Jel soe Sad claldy ole ott AG Gt eed ES Ss es oe he PET ape onl yee aS Le GUL OS ya ge kG atl Ly chee Se Sols ples tees o 5 plats Ly ot Jes ae len Sey ee as BIS go ety bk wyldSine AS As LS Gly oats sal & Sesh yay thal plys S Sal oop lay aay Bh gSe BAT oly palye JaS shoe 2 Grill) LoS Su Bla slgyale Ga® le cay 32 yf Soy Gost bs Soret eo FBS 99 S28 ate PIS Ssh Pod sch Gl 2 Creole) al cere erly ABU ctelS our pa obit Blo pSE3! Sulslel andy Ib al pases GLb Gad (or 1) 85 sus jo 33 lately ne Se 9 cles Slog watts ln sie bth dhe Ghia pe hpi deg ee gt ryt (9 ie PAL athe oe (er) ALY Clee) gil wo spoils p tpl ghat aya geil (at SD 0 dy Dans ned ge BLS 389 WESIe as y a eae yee ta roses) AY