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Advanced Persian Reading 88 play gw 8 Cit, 5 based on the text of S195 92 sew A Stone on A Grave (1981) by wool JT Je Jalal Ale Ahmad (1923-1969) designed by Michael Craig Hillmann compiled by Aziz Atai-Langrudi revisions by Behrad Aghaei Note: After completing each unit, readers can resolve remaining questions about mea the unit’s text by consulting the text’s English translation in Jalal ALe Ahmad’s A Stone on a Grave, translated from the Persian by Azfar Moin (Costa Mesa, CA: Mazda Publishers, 2008). 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(lines 3-4) Why did the narrator choose to accept fate? (lL. 3-5) How fast was the car going which hit Pezeshknia’s brother? (1. 27) ‘What was Pezeshknia’s brother doing when he was hit by the car? (1.29) How many people got killed in the accident? (I. 30) What does the writer mean when he says, "He was chosen for an actual death, and I for a potential death?" (11, 43-44) Is "242" after or before "33"? (II. 56-57) Why does the narrator describe himself as "a road leading to a cliff"? (II. 63-66) How many children could the writer's mother have? (II, 51-52) How many children did the writer's older brother have? (Il. 54-55) ty [ole b poles AS oe | Last Seal oe le gre peer bb pps WE eI SS, geht pe LS: y tls et ol soe sia dal dy 39 ae e258 JA ok of Lk ligt 4 load gy ele Gull pee S Sool pel yb sul py ple oS ee S oy © tsaprtalegeSy ete eh os ob fly thy Ly ol crete 2 pitty) op heel oge Loe apd ol sled ys ggsltles! Lol .Oldofredi lp slew slee wos 5 pale Ly phew! 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