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Minster Enqi SangReal


11am 7pm is the only time you should be eating

7pm 3am your body is assimilating the nutrients we just consumed
3am 11am is the period dedicated to elimination of toxins
Outside of the 11am 7pm time frame tea, veggie/fruit juice and water is fine
In fact, I recommend a lemon eaten or squeezed first thing, with warm herbs (tea) following
shortly after
After 7pm I recommend the same warm herbs with the lemon before bed
The veggie of fruit juice can be slipped in throughout the day to compensate for lingering
addictions in the form of sweet, sour or hot cravings (adjusting to the new diet/life style)
This is the elimination period. The foundation of all health
If you are not having complete healthy eliminations i.e. sweating, urine and defecation certain
organs failure is eminent
The body has to have clean pores, a clean colon and a clean bladder to maintain health
Red Blood cells differentiate based on their environment if the environment is too toxic the Red
Blood Cells will degenerate into Cancer cells
The goal should be a gallon a day of mineral dense and hydrogen dense spring water a day
Use hydrogen based supplements for your water

Foods to Eliminate

Milk is more dangerous than Pork

Milk: All Dairy products
Flesh: pork, beef, chicken, turkey, fish, seafood and eggs
Wheat, oats, rice, sugar, Soy, processed starch chemicals(in food, drink, hair or skin) colorings,
additives, emulsifiers, yeast, coffee and alcohol, ketchup, dressing, mayo and hot sauce
Soy is plastic. Soy first discovered was used to make cars by ford. Also used to make records. Soy
in America is GMO

Good Foods

Herbs 5 21 cups a week a must

Vegetarians eat vegetation! This includes the entire plant. (3 parts of the plant are seed/grains,
base/vegetable and fruit.
Herbs and spices were not created for flavoring your food. Our ancestors knew every time you
breathe you inhale parasites. Herbs and spices should always be part of your diet to fight the
Vegetarians eat the roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds
Usually the plant is broken down into two parts for consumption categorization, fruit and
vegetable. The most important part being neglected the seed
The seed is your whole grain and should be a minimum of 60% of a vegetarians diet, the
majority of the amino acids (misnomer protein) are here
The seed contains all the material to build a new healthy plant. Plants grow in two directions
from the seed, the roots shoot down while the stem shoots up (pardon the pun)

Minster Enqi SangReal

The root is the brain and is constantly changing to dig and find new sources of water and
minerals. Those roots are very rich sources of stored nutrients. The roots are often much longer
than the plant stem/bark is tall
The stem (includes branches) is the body of the plant which allows for food transport between
the leaves, flowers and roots. The stem also supports the plant to reach its optimum level of
altitude to perform and communicate

Main Foods

Seeds/Grains With every meal or served alone as a snack or meal (breakfast especially)
Amaranth, Black or wild rice, kamut, millet, quinoa (high in protein), rye, spelt, teff (high in iron)
(Should be 50% -60% of your diet!)
Vegetables Arame, beans (black and green including peas), bladderwrack, broccoli, cabbage,
dandelion, greens (collard, kale, mustard. Poke etc.), hijiki, kelp, mushrooms, nori, okra, onions,
pumpkins, radish (black), sea moss, squash, wakame, yam, zucchini

Shopping (buying produce)

A four digit number beginning with 3 or 4 digit means the produce is conventionally grown
A five digit number beginning with 9 means the produce is organically grown
A five digit number beginning with 8 means the produce is genetically modified (never buy)
Conventionally grown produce uses the basic chemical toxic treatments i.e. fertilizer, weed and
insect killer etc...
Organic has a lot less chemical additives and no ionizing radiation
Genetically modified means the produce is no longer natural and usually has had yeast or
bacteria added to it
Beware when you see labels from out of the country. When the USA bans a dangerous chemical
from use, the company sells to third world countries that then ship the chemicals back into


Adults daily
Stretching and rotating of the toes, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers and
2 minutes of jump rope or 10 jumping jacks (lymphatic system)
5-10 push-ups (muscular system)
3-10 leg lifts (metabolize fat)
15 minutes of upbeat walking or 30 minutes of normal walking (cardio)

Daily Routine

Upon waking eat/drink lemon

Stretch and exercise before shower, it will be 4 minutes to invest in your life
Shower and then have a warm cup of herbs
Incorporate walking into your day and remember to have your herbs before bed

Minster Enqi SangReal

NOTE: Dr. Sebi says the lemon is a hybrid. True, however citrus in particular the lemon was created in a
laboratory by Africans to fight disease. The lemon increases electricity in the body instantly, photons
cause electrons to speed up