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Dear Kelly,

I am glad to share that Syon performed well in the TAG testing. We received the scores (Intellectual
98%, Math 98% and Reading 99%) and hope you do as well. Thank you very much for being a great
teacher. I wondered his math score was below reading.
However, along with the score sheet, we also received an eligibility letter from Access academy.
Although Ainsworth is great, we weighed various factors very seriously and decided to give a try with
Access Academy because he wanted to be challenged more, and thought he will have opportunities to
develop his engineering skills and nurture his talent. I hope you will agree with that. (FYI: He is doing a
seismograph model for the science fair). Hereby, I am attaching some images showcasing his lego
building skills where you can find some of his creative designs.
In order to submit the application, could you please provide a sealed-recommendation letter. Attached,
please find the recommendation letter that you may want to fill in. Anyway I will come and meet you
tomorrow with a printed copy of the same. Since the TAG results were delayed this year, the deadline is
approaching in a week. Thank you very much for your help.
Thanks, Veera.