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Lauren Davis
K. Jennings
Position Paper: Same Sex Marriage
The Big Issue: The right to Marry
Studies show that approximately about 10% of the worlds population considers
themselves as gay or lesbian. Unfortunately it seems that Americans that do consider
themselves as homosexual are fighting for their rights to be equal to others that are heterosexual.
The word homosexual is just a sophisticated name for someone that is infatuated with their
own gender. The big issue about homosexuality is giving people the right to be open with their
relationships, by legalizing gay or same sex marriage. The topic of legalizing same sex marriage
is one of the broadest topics and has the most controversy. Being that all people are entitled to
their own opinions and beliefs, the controversy has sky rocketed. All individuals around the
world have their own personal views on gay marriage that may be supportive or just degrading to
the gay community. There are numerous amounts of activists and protesters in the world trying
to persuade others to support the gay community. Individuals of the gay community feel as if
they are just as equal to those who are not homosexual. Being gay or lesbian is of ones personal
preference. It also seems as if the gay community is becoming larger and stronger and more
people are even supporting the right of gay couples. A gay couple that chooses to be open has
not always had the opportunity to be open about their ongoing relationship. Gay couples have
been judged and brutally disrespected all because of a decision that they made that makes them


happy. Individuals should be able to love whomever they want without getting ridiculed about
their decision.
However, religious views point out that marriage should be between women and men. As
the bible says marriage is traditional and intimate and should not be of the same sex but of the
opposite sex. Not all religious people go exactly by the bible. Some religious associations refuse
to employ or even offer services to same sex couples. Christian groups who argue for same- sex
marriage tend to believe that lesbian and gay peoples were created as such by God and should
have the same rights as others (History and Debate). Some individuals with religious views
feel that same sex relationships are immoral and against Gods will and will destroy the goal of
human sexuality, which is to reproduce children (History and debate). Religious groups all
over the world are different. In some states that have already legalized same- sex marriage have
ministers that will still refuse to marry a gay couple due to their own personal beliefs. Religious
groups also believe that AIDS is a punishment from God above for disobeying his word. People
who are religious also believe that a child should grow up with a father and a mother and not two
parents of the same sex. There are studies found that when a child that is raised by two
homosexual people often have homosexual families of their own but are capable of having a
heterosexual family as well (History and Debate). It is questioned that when young girls were
told that their attractions to boys at a young age was wrong, and vice versa could have a big
impact on the rise of homosexuality (Baird 129).
Unfortunately the society has definitely painted a picture for those to be biased against
gay marriage rights without completely understanding why having their rights is so important.
People have agreed that same sex marriage rights go hand in hand with civil rights. Both sets of
people fighting for what they want and most importantly, what they believe in. People also argue


that as long as there is love in the relationship, thats all that should matter when it comes to
marriage. Social views also engage on whether the couples get married, and will they get the
same benefits as heterosexual couples (Hall 172). Individuals feel that same sex marriage should
not only be legalized in 35 states but it should be legalized in America period. Studies show that
couples that marry in one state but want to move to another state fear that their benefits and
rights will not be protected and or permitted in the state that they move to. Society shows that the
individuals that are denied to marry are also denied the protection and rights given to
heterosexual couples. People seem to not take this so well, being that it is unfair to deny families
that have homosexual parents the opportunity to have and enjoy the same benefits as
heterosexual families. It is unexplainable as to why gay couples that have committed to one
another for a long period of time not yet married have to pay higher taxes as well (Hall 172).
There are many pros and cons to legalizing same sex marriage. People think that when
homosexual couples marry, they will weaken the tradition of marriage but if same sex marriage
is legalized it could decrease divorce rates in America as well (Gay Marriage
To conclude, bashing someone for doing something that they believe in is not going to
change how an individual feels about their decision to be homosexual. More supportive citizens
of the United States could possibly make legalizing same sex marriage easier. Individuals that
seem to open up and not stay completely biased, start supporting the gay community as well.
Many people think that they were born gay and nothing is wrong with them being interested in
their same sex. People that are disrespected by others because of their sexuality feel as if they are
being discriminated against. Being denied to marry and health care, insurance benefits, estate
taxes, home protection etc. because of a persons sexuality is also discrimination as well (Hall
172-173). Children that have been sexually abused by the opposite sex may find themselves


being homosexual in their future as adults. Also, people that have been in abusive relationships
or just been completely betrayed by their previous significant other, may venture out and find
interest in the same sex. As one nation America should stand together and support one another.
America should not be divided by sexuality or even race. People feel that marriage is a privilege
not a right, but it is someones right to marry whomever they chose to marry. Having the right to
marry should not be up to anyone to dictate or have an opinion on.


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