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5E Lesson Plan

Teacher: Cain
Date: November 11 - 14, 2014
Subject / grade level: AOF Ethics in Business
Materials: SurveyMonkey (create surveys), Printer Paper, Microsoft PowerPoint, Manila
Folders, Peer Assessments, Microsoft Excel, PBS documentary (NFL and Concussions),
Edmodo (Reflection and Polls)
NC SCOS Essential Standards and Clarifying Objectives:

Understand the role of ethics in the business world

Understand ethical concepts, including integrity and confidentiality, as related to
the business environment

Lesson objective(s):

Describe culture and explain how the concept of culture applies to school and
work environments
Synthesize information learned about organizational ethics to apply to their
Design and plan a survey to gather information on peers ethical standards
Evaluate the results of a peer survey on ethical standards and summarize the

Differentiation strategies to meet diverse learner needs: audio-visual

component of lesson, group and independent activities, teacher-directed groups,
independent student-led groups, one-to-one support
Review and Critique the documentary NFL and Concussions; What
responsibility does the National Football League (NFL) have in preventing
widespread concussions? How would you describe the culture of the NFL?
Does the culture of violence in the NFL create a high incidence of concussions?
Reflect on ethical concepts and apply them to the concerns with the NFL and how
the organization is managing high-risk issues.
Discuss organizational responses to issues at the high school level. What
responsibility does a high school bear in school environments with significant
teen pregnancies, bullying, gangs, fighting, etc? Does the culture of the high
school create the ethical environment or is the ethical environment created
based on the people (students) that are in it?
Students will be expected to brainstorm all issues or challenges impacting high
school students. The question that students should consider is how prevalent are

5E Lesson Plan
these issues nationwide, statewide, locally or is this specific to this high school?

Students should be able to define culture at this high school. We will take a poll
in the classroom to assess whether students agree about the culture at Hillside.
We will then review the internal poll results to try to get a consensus and working
definition of the culture at Hillside High.
We will also start the foundation for the Ethics at Hillside survey that will be
presented to a sample of classes at Hillside High.
Students will need to discuss the group findings in order to develop and deliver a
relevant survey on ethics. They will need to identify ethical issues and agree
whether these issues are prevalent or viewed as prevalent at Hillside High
School. Students will need to support their arguments with what they have
learned about organizational ethics. How does the prevailing culture at Hillside
compare to the view of the culture of the NFL as discussed in the documentary?
Students will work together as a class to develop a common survey tool that will
be developed using Survey Monkey.
The survey should be based on prevalent ethical issues or concerns at Hillside
High School.
Students will then be grouped into teams for delivery and execution of the survey
to the sample of classes participating in the Ethics at Hillside survey. Students
will need to explain to their respective audiences, the purpose of the survey. The
participating teacher will be sent an electronic version of the survey, while their
classes take the short survey.
Once the survey results are compiled and returned to me, the original groups will
be grouped back together and compile the survey responses by grade level.
The Ethics in Business students will work together to determine the best way to
present the data back to the survey respondents. Each team will create a
potential data view and presentation and then the class will vote on the best
data compilation.
Then the class will come back together as a group to develop a common
presentation format that will be used by the groups to present the data back to
the participating classes.
Once the common presentation is developed, the teams will practice delivering
to the classes using practice walk-throughs.
The common presentation should answer the primary question: How ethical are
(or perceived to be) the students, teachers, and/or staff at Hillside High School?
How does this answer vary by grade level, gender, race, etc? What other
conclusions can be inferred from the survey results?

5E Lesson Plan

Students will be assessed through formative and summative methods. During

class discussions, students will be informally assessed on their responses.
Additionally, students will be assessed when the teacher walks the room during
group discussions and development of the survey and presentation. Teacher will
also review practice walk-through to determine how comfortable students are
with presenting the ethics concepts underlying the survey results.
Students will also be formally assessed by peers and teachers in the responding
classes on their oral presentation, delivery, and content knowledge.
Student reflections will also be evaluated to determine understanding of
organizational ethics.