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17539 West Walbridge Road

Graytown, Ohio 43432

December 10, 2014

To Whom It May Concern,
I am interested in the open Second Grade position in the Salem Local School
District. In May 2015, I will graduate from The University of Mount Union and be
certified to teach Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth Grade as well as Intervention
Specialist Kindergarten through Third Grade. I am very excited at the possibility of
starting my teaching career in the Salem Local School District.
I have been passionate about teaching since a young age and my passion has grown
throughout each of my teaching experiences. In my resume you will find the
different opportunities I have had to teach children as well as my involvement on
and off campus. What my resume does not include is my true dedication and love
for teaching. I am very caring, energetic, and positive in the field and throughout
each situation that I have been involved in. I am personable, organized, and work
well with others. I have always held high standards for myself in everything I do
which correlates to the high standards I hold for my students.
I appreciate you reviewing my resume and look forward to an opportunity to
discuss the value that my strengths and experiences could bring to the Salem Local
School District. I can be reached at the above email address or telephone number. I
look forward to hearing from you.

Shelby Gruber