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1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, D.C., DC 20500

December 3, 2014

Dear Gina McCarthy,

I am Gonzalo Seisdedos, a junior student at Doral Academy in Miami, Florida. As a whole you
have done a great job protecting the United States environment. There is no doubt in the effort
you have done since last year when you were nominated by the actual President of the United
States, Barack Obama, to succeeded Lisa Jackson as head of the U.S Environmental Protection
I appreciate your intention to protect the nature of this country by working on environmental
issues at the state and local level and the development of protection policies. It has been very
important the policy intended to reduce and control the greenhouse gas emissions, like carbon
dioxide, by trading the carbon credits in power plants. But if we carefully study todays situation
of the rapid increase in gas emission, we would see that all these new policies introduced since
you become the head of the U.S Environmental Protection Agency are not enough to solve this
aggravating situation of our atmosphere.
During the last lustrum, there has been an increase in demand of transportation due to its
necessity in this new developed world and society that we have today. Millions of cars,
motorcycles, trains, buses, and planes are used every day to move from one place to another. All
these people are going to continue moving even though they are destroying the atmosphere by all
the gases emitted because it is essential for their daily life. But maybe it is possible to change the
way they do it. One good alterative you should work on is the place of a limit in the gas emitted
by each family per month. It is impossible to control all the quantities of all the Americans, but
this could make them use more public transport instead of using cars. Also it would make car
companies design and sell more efficient cars to protect the environment with the reduction in
gas emission that these changes will suppose.
A solution to one problem is not always to look forward. We can go back in time, to be more
specific, one hundred years ago, when Theodore Roosevelt was the President of the United
States and supported the conservation movement. Nowadays you have enough power in the
United States to be able to change the mentality of all Americans, to make them realize how
important the forest is for the future of this country because trees and plants absorb a

considerable portion the carbon dioxide we emit, and therefore, the greenhouse effect and the
global warming could be prevented.
I appreciate all the effort you are doing for the future of this generation, but I think there are
several additional solutions to these very dangerous problems which are the greenhouse effect
and the global warming. It is very important to begin acting as soon as possible to avoid a worse
situation than the actual we have today. I hope you act as soon as you read this letter and
convince the society how critical this situation is for the future of human being.
Gonzalo Seisdedos