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Kaelin Ballard
Mrs. Crist
English 4
Teen Pregnancy
As we progress through time, teen pregnancy is just another statement that passes through
one ear and goes out of the other. In the United States, teen pregnancy is at its lowest rate;
however, we still hold the highest rate than in most developed countries. As it becomes more
common, more problems have come with the health of the infant being born due to the mother
not being fully developed at such a young age. This can create a higher chance of the child being
raised in poverty, or the condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support.
In 2012, a near 305,000 teenage girls, age 15-19, gave birth across the United States.
However, 17% of those births in the age group were already parents of one or two children. The
numbers may be decreasing but teen moms carry more of a risk of delivering a child with
disabilities and are at greater chance for raising that child in poverty(Hansen). For most teen
parents, having a child is another responsibility that can be pushed off, which can make the child
feel neglected and lonely. This can later lead to possible stress, anxiety, or other diseases.
Being born as a result of a teen pregnancy can result with several health issues. Infants of
teen mothers are more likely to be born prematurely and at a low birth weight. At a young age,
teen mothers pelvises are not fully developed, dont have good eating habits, and generally have
high blood pressure which can trigger premature labor. This can result in death, blindness,

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deafness, chronic respiratory problems, mental retardation, mental illness, and cerebral palsy;
also doubles the chance that a child will later be diagnosed as having dyslexia, hyperactivity, or
another disability (Tracy Stickler).
Domestic influences have a huge impact on the infants life while being raised. For an
unmarried teen mother not finishing high school puts the child, a 64% likelihood of growing
up in poverty; a married high-school-graduate, however, only has a 7% risk of growing in
poverty. An average of 13% of males born under teen parents are likely to end up in prison while
females have 22% more likelihood to become teen mothers themselves(Do Something). This
can increase the crime rate and population significantly because the more children are born with
parents at a young age, the more likely infants will live in poverty and that will create greater
rates than above.
Even while the rates are lowering, teen pregnancy is having a world-wide impact. It is not
frowned upon in todays society, but still is not socially acceptable. But it seems to be happening
more and more. Teen moms not being fully developed to be able to deliver a child can create
injuries or cause diseases with the birth of the child. However, for most teens, pregnancy is
something they can pass on to others, but are unaware of the responsibilities of a parent and
giving your child the fundamentals it will need. This is what creates poverty, or the condition of
having little or no money, goods, or means of support.