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MADAME BUTTERFLY °¥G:PUCCINI NET Na DISCOUNT |. (Amore o gill) Quel, Bb, English and Itsian ..60 HN4113 Aat L Pinkeron’s Song “Love aud Fancy” (Amore o grille), Transposed’ Ab. English and Italian | 60 TAIT et, Me Buty» Song Tha Your Mather Should Take You (Tim made dove prendrn RO, Aer HE Me: Bates Sone “Ove Fine Day (Un il a Verne) Guna Gh Enel "Y.66 Act IL Mme. Butterfy's Song “One Fige Day” (Un bel di Vediemo) Transposed, F, Eng. and H14115 Act IL Mme. Butterfy’s Song “One Fine Day" (Un bel di Vedremo), Transpored Eb, Eng. and Ital 114044 Act II, Butterly and SuzukiDyet—"Every Flower.” Engh and Italian : 114070 Act Il, “Every Flower" —Three Part Female Chores = 110877 Piano Selection arranged by Charles Godfrey : 114179 Act II, Finale (Watung Motive) Piano T4161 Act IL, Finale (Waiting Motive). Orpen : 111200 Vocal Sor, Engh and Ian, pape bing 110000 Vocal Score, Italian only. 110001 Pisno Score. Lott Dold Libreto, Telisn aod English 22) ] Dot ae Libretto, English only E 5 ‘Scyute unten in Fach, Germ Ain and Stam ee vet nen pb é Ricorpi & Cenc reemusa, NEW YORK 12 WEST 45TH STREET MADAMA BUTTERFLY. Act Il.Mme, Butterfly’s Song, “One Fine Day.” ( Atto II, Solo di Butter fly,"Un bel di, cedremo.) By G.PUCCINI. Andante molto calmo. 4 +42 Butterfly. = One th... fine day well no- - tice bel di, ce - dre - mo le - thread... of smoke a - ris- ing on the sea In the far ho - var - siun fil di - mo sul- Ie - stre - mo con~fin del a _—_——_ the ship ap - pear - ing... na = ceap - pa - re. Copyright 1904 by @. Ricurdé & Co, s14071 Copyright l9onby 6 Ricordi & Co. All rights of performance, reproduction, translation and transcription are strictly reserved, wn foco mosso Then the trim white ves - sef ic in-to the har - bour, Poi la na - ce bian ~ ca pr by, pat PO ORD sof Prema con passione ritenulo wr poco mosso ——__ =< ‘Thun-ders forth her can - See you? Now he is rom-bail sw sa - Iw - to. Ve - di? E. zee ae fs J a loom passione ritenuto ie com = ing! do not go to meet him, Not 1! mo - to! Io non gli scen - doin-con - tro. Io no. Mi = SE en ee cctempa con semptictt stay up - on the — brow of the hil - lock, met - to Ia sul ci - glio del col - Ie And wait there, ea ~ spet ~ to, tempo y som And wait for 2 fong time, But never wea — ry. ea - spel - fo gran tem - fo © mom mi pe ~ sa, rit it a tempo animando un poco of the long wait - ing. From out the crowd-ed la hin-gnat - te - sa Eu sci - to dal- la = a tempo p ci - ty There is com - : . man, A lit- tle fol- la cit_- tas di uo ~ mo,ser pic ~ ciol _ ral.un poco fe speck in the dis tance, Climb - ing the hil - — lock. pun - fo sao- via per la col ki n P rall.un ppco mgo2t Sostenendo molto. Lo stesso movimento —————— Can you — guess who it is? And when he’s reach'd the Chi “su - ra? chi sa ri? E co-me sa- ra say? He will call, “But- ter - But ~ ter ~ what he'll che di - rd? Chia me ~ rit sum-mit, Can you guess giun-to che “di - 1a? Lento fly,’ from the dis-tance. 1, without answ’ring, Hold myself qui-et - ly con - fly dal-la lon ~ tana. Jo sen-sa dar ri ~ spo-stame ne sta-r) na- _—— oa a £ con molto pa vrall-molta coal; Abit to tease him. And a bit so as not to sco - sta un po® per ce = fia... eum fo” per non mo - ———_! a cavito 14071 Andante come prima. con forsa at our first meet-ing. And then,a lit - tle troubled, He will ri = real primo in - con- tro, ed e-glialguan-toin fe- na chia me- } so FE call, he will call, ba- by,wife of mine,.Dear lit-tle orange rl, chia~me~ rd ci- na mo gliel-ti- na o-les-20 di cer- _—_———__ == blos - som!” The nameshe used to call me when he came here. be - na, i no-mi che mi da- raat suo ve - ni - re. corese. RO Fh ‘This will all come to pass as I tell you, Ban - ish your i - dle Tut-to que-sto ae-ver- rit, te lo pro-met - to Tien- ti la tua pa- eS 14071 ‘poor ral re - turn,. Largamente ——— Lf. spet aa 4 meno forte __dim, 7 Pe F F my sostenuto s14071 Separate Numbers From G, Puccini’s Operas “LA BOHEME” 112615 Act I. Rudolph’s Song “Your Tiny Hand Is Frozen” (Che gelida Manina), Dp E.&L..$ 60 12616 ‘Act T. Rudolph’s Song “Your Tiny Hand Is Frozen” (Che gelida Manina), C E&I... “60 114078 ‘Act F- Rodolph's Song “Your Tiny Hand Is Frozen” (Che gelida Manina), Bh EL&I... 60 114079 Act I. Mimi's Song “They Call Me Mimi" (Si mi chiasnano Mimi), D English and Italian. 60 114080 ‘Act 1! Mims Song “They Call Me Mimi” (Si mi chiamano Mini, © English and Taian. “60 114082 ‘Act I. Duct, Mimi and Rudolph, “Lovely Maid in the Moonlight” (O soave Fanciulla), E.&7. "75 114083. Act Ti, Museita's Valse Song "As Thro’ the Street” (Quando me'n vo soleta), BE ERT. “60 44084 Act IT. Musetta’s Valse Song “As Thro’ the Street” (Quando me’n vo soletia), Eb ERT. 60 114085 ‘Act IL, Museita's Valse Song “As Thro’ the Street” (Quando me'n vo soletta), DD E-&T. ‘60 114001 ‘Act II, Musetta’s Valse Song “As Thro’ the Street” (Quando me'n vo soletta}, Female Chorus “15, 114087 Farewell “To the Home That She Left” (Donde Weta), English and Iralian..-. (60 114088 Act IV. Colline’s Song “'A Last Good-bye” (Vecchia zimarra, senti), English and Italian. 5 114089 Act IV. Duet, Rudolph and Marcel, “Ah, Mimi False” (O Mimi, ta piu non tormi), ~ 109358 Piano Selection, arranged by Charles Godfrey, JF es see “109387 Valse for Piane, arranged by P. Bucaloss. cere : 114029 Musetta's Valse Song "As ‘Tho! the Street,” Plano’... - 114090 Musetta’s Valse Song “As Thro’ the Street,” Violin and Piano ‘60 115494 Vocal Score, English and Italian «.+sesseeeeree+ 150 98000 Vocal Score, Italian only. 1530 99001 Piano Score’... 5:00 Libretio, Italian and English’ | +30 114002 Fantasia, Fail Orchestea 4/00 Fantasia, Small Orchestra. 2:50 114003. Selection, Full Military Band. ee 00 Libretto, ‘English only = en 35 *MADAME ee N.¥.440 Butterfy’s Entrance, F. 0 NLY.441 Butterfiy's Emrance, Gl c 60 I14114 Act I. Pinkerton’s Song “Love and Raney” (Armore o grillo) Original, Bb English and Italian. 60 114113 Act I. Pinkerton’s Song “Love and Fancy” (Armore o grillo} Transposed Ab English and Italian “60 14116 Act Ii, Mme. Butterfty's Song “That Your Mother Shot Take You" (Tua madre) 1. 60 M4071 ‘Act IF, Mme, Butterfy's Song "One Fine Day” (Un bel di Vedremo) Original Gb E& 1. “60 N.Y.65 Act II Mme, Butterfly’s Song “One Fine Day” (Un bel di Vedremo) Trans. FEL & I. 160. TiS Act I Mme. Butterly's Song “One Fine Day” (Un bel di Vedremo) Transposed, Eh E.& 1... ‘60 114044 ‘Act II. Butterfly and Suzvki—Duet—"Every Flower,” English and Italian » 15 114070 Act I_ “Every Flower"—Three part Female Choris ..csesessrvceseees : 110877 Piano Selection arranged by Charles Godieey "100 114179 Act IL. Finale (Waiting Motive) Piano. a 114161 Act_ TL. Finale, (Waiting Motive) Organ. ‘60 L11290 Vocal Score English and Teatan, paper binding 730 110000 Vocal Score, tralian» : 730 110001 Piano Score . 5.00 Libretto, Italian ‘and English ‘30 114017. Selections (Full Orchestra) ar. by” Tava. 400 114017 Selections (Small Orchestra) arr. by E. Tavan 230 cost Selections, (Full Miltary Band) « an 600 Libretto, English only : _ = 35 “TOSCA” 112621 Act I. Cavaradossi’s Solo, “Strange Harmony of Contrasts” (Recondita armonia) FP OEL& I. 75 118867 ‘Act 1. Tosea's Love Idyll. “In Secret Hidden trom Care” (Non la Sospint) Dp Orig. E&I... 175 118868 Act I. Tosea's Love Lull, “In Secret Hidden ftom Care” (Non la Sospirt) C Trane: Ee & L020. 35 112622 Act IT, Tosca’s Prayer, "Love and Music™ (Vissi arte, vissi D'amore) Eb Orig. E.& Le eceess 160 GOS Act IL. Tosca’s Prayer, “Love and Music” (Vissi arte, visi Dlamore) D) Trans, E.& E0200) 6 103313 Act IT. Scarpia's Solo, “Se la giurata fede” Eh Minor. Italian es 75 108864 Act II Scarpia’s Solo, “Si, pour des beaax yeas” Eb Minor. "Fi 78 112623, ‘Act IIT. Cavaradoss’s Solo, “When the Stars” (F. Incevan le stelle) igh er 116077 ‘Act III. Cavaradossi's Solo’ “When the Stars ”” (I: lucevan Ie stelle) nor Orginal E.R “6 103332 Selection arranged for Pano solo by Charles Godfrey 1.0 103329 Fantasia arranged as a Piano Duet by E. Becueci 1150 103316 Tosca's Prayer (Vissi d'arte) arranged for Piano solo hy F. Serra 1 112688 Fantasia arranged for Violin and Prana by A. Bachmann «- Las 109916 Vocal Score, English and Ttalian i 750 103050 Vocal Score, Italian 730 100017 Piano. Score : REED eee S00 109208 Grand Fanta nse for Sichesira ncn Piano Conductor) 400 MSOI9 Selections (Full Military Band) 4 6.00 Separate numbers in French, German or Italian, and Selections for various instruments ofs0 published G. Ricordi & Co., Inc., 12 West 45th Street, New York

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