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Off-Campus Observation Map


Stephanie Jiron

Name of School

Dr. Carlos J. Finlay Elementary

Name of Teacher Observed

Observation Date


Mrs. Bolivar


Describe the teaching

environment. Who are the
children? Who is the teacher?
How might the school environment
impact what happens in the

What were the teachers goals for

the class/ensemble? How did
she/he act on those?

What teaching/rehearsal
strategies did you see? What was
the learning sequence?





State Florida

Date Submitted



In the two different grade levels Mrs. Bolivar had a completely different attitude towards them. For the fourth
graders she held up a bolder and specific attitude towards them in which kept the students in line and somewhat
respecting the teacher. The students still acted up, didnt respond to what she would ask of them, and just
behaved with attitude. In contrast, when she handled the second grade class she showed much more compassion
towards them and more patience. The students responded well to her directions and completely responded well to
what she asked of them. Music classes are now required to teach a specific curriculum because of the new
standardized test for music classes at the end of the year.
Mrs. Bolivar tries to add in fun stuff she would normally do such as singing, doing little hand games to teach
rhythm, singing ad clapping, little things like that are her own way of teaching then later she goes into what is
necessary for the specific curriculum they need to teach. So by the end of their class she tries to incorporate fun
aspects of her own teaching methods then goes into what has to be taught according to the district.
The fourth grade students learning recorder would repeat the exercise after her multiple times until it sounded
like most students played it right. Then she would teach them a different exercise and have them repeat it after
her. But she would stop and go making sure they had the right fingering and were playing well and actually
listening and paying attention. For the second graders they were learning different tempo markings so they went
over it setting up a One Day which acts as a start or review of what they already know, then goes into an
assignment to help them learn and remember what the tempo markings mean.
With the fourth graders I would try to get them to pay more attention by engaging things differently. Even though

What would you do differently?

its the recorder or things that they dont like, I would find something they enjoy doing, or learning or something to
What was missing from the lesson?

make them stop acting up so much. I also wouldnt give them attitude I would find a way around their
stubbornness to not wanting to do anything and work around it.

What evidence did you observe

that would indicate that the
learning goals were met?

What evidence of critical thinking,

critical feeling and/or critical action
did you see?
What National Standards did you

How did students engage in the

classroom? What was happening
at the time when students were
really focused?

Describe a "teachable moment"

that you might have witnessed.

By the end of the class the second grade students seemed to understand the tempo markings, also at the
beginning they were singing some songs that they learned before and they knew the songs well. Then sitting in
their circle singing and clapping or doing hand gestures you could easily see the progress they made from each
repeat or change in pattern. It was evident when they improved.
The fourth graders didnt show much improvement until Mrs. Bolivar would get mad at them and single them out.
They werent trying with their recorders and sometimes they would just talk over her or talk when she would try to
get them to participate. But when they played together and actually tried you were able to see the difference after
the first time playing to the last, you realized they were somewhat picking up what they were learning, they just
chose to not want to try.
These were all evident in both classes with how they participated positively by answering questions or playing
correctly, and engaging in the class and acting properly. And also, with the negative aspect of how they didnt want
to try, or were lazy, tired. All these things contributed to how it was showed.
Learning the curriculum required.
Students learning an instrument.
Engaging in class with physical things as well.
When the students were completely focused on the task at hand you were able to completely see the difference in
what they were doing rather than when they were just half trying. This is always going to be one of the most
evident things because you realize more things get done and quicker rather than stumbling along with not
everyone fully focused and trying.
One teachable moment would be learning how different the two age groups are. The second graders are easier to
deal with in that they behave better because theyre getting molded now rather than the fourth graders who only
wanted to dish out attitude to the teacher to prove that theyre too cool for it or just dont want to do it because
they feel they dont have to or things as such.

What constructive comments might you make about this lesson/rehearsal?

The only thing I would want to make an evident note about it handling the different age groups well.
Learning how each age group differs and changing my lessons to keep them engaged. I would also play exerpt
of songs to show them examples of the different tempos.

What is your overall assessment of this teacher, the students and the lesson/rehearsal?
I find Mrs. Bolivar is a great teacher and she cares about her students and is a good musician. The only
thing I would say is that she should play more musical examples so students can connect music to these
words and more control of the fourth graders because they seemed to have little respect for her and that is not
how a class should be. The control would be made by switching up the lesson plan arranging it to maybe
include things they like to do between things they dont enjoy or encouraging them in a different way. Just
little things that would make the students appreciate the music class more.