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Chapter 1 Outline

1. Chapter 1 Objectives and CCSS: Investigations and Functions

a) Students will be challenged to work together as a team to share
mathematical ideas and to justify their strategies as they represent geometric
objects and order a series of connected functions to create a desired output.
b) Students will draw complete graphs of functions and identify possible
inputs, outputs, and key points for describing those graphs. Students will use
a graphing calculator and will develop presentation skills. F-IF.4
c) Students will identify the domain and range of functions while improving
their graphing-calculator skills. F-IF.5, F-IF.7b
d) Students will find points of intersection using multiple representations
and will learn how to use the [TABLE], [TBLSET], and [CALC] functions of
their graphing calculators.F-IF.9
e) Students will investigate a function defined by a geometric relationship
and will generate multiple algebraic representations for the function.F-IF.4,
f) Students will develop their understanding of what it means to investigate a
function as they investigate a family of hyperbolas.F-IF.4, F-IF.5
g) Students will identify what all linear functions have in common and will
determine whether relationships in tables and situations are linear.F-IF.9, FLE.5
h) Students will investigate a non-linear function.F-IF.4
2. Chapter 1 Instructions.
a) Chapter one is a unit on Investigations and Functions. Each chapter will
consist of a daily group assignment, an assignment to complete on your
own, a weekly quiz, and a final test over the chapter.
1) The weekly Group assignment is posted in the syllabus. Group
assignments will be completed on your group wiki, which I will assign
you to. Participation will be graded on these assignments based on
contributions marked by initialing your personal responses to problems.
2) Individual work will be submitted by sharing a Google Doc with your
instructor with your completed individual work from the syllabus.
3) At the end of week one there will be a quiz, which will be completed
during our weekly face-to-face Friday session.
4) At the end of week two, students will be given a test over chapter 1.
This test will be administered in our weekly face-to-face Friday session.
b) During the course of each week, you will be asked to respond to the questions
posted in the website blog.

1) Week one blog topic: Describe how to locate the Domain and Range
given the equation of a line and the use of your graphing calculator.
2) Week two blog topic: List one element needed to make a complete
investigation of a function. Give one example of this element with a
function discussed in a problem this week.
3. All assigned problems can be found in your online textbook found at this website.
CPM Algebra 2A Textbook Use your email and assigned password to gain access to
the textbook.