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Early Childhood Lesson Plan Format

1. Identifying Information
- Name of Activity Salon
- Content of Activity Math, Writing, Reading, and Dramatic Play
- Age Group 3-6
2. Developmental Domains
- Which of the childs developmental domains will be enhanced or enriched by this
activity? Cognitive as they will learn new vocabulary such as appointments,
payments, and assistant, stylist, customers, and secretary. Emotional as they
may experience excitement, joy, frustration or anger while figuring out the
materials or learning to work the supplies. Social as they work together to make
the products and supplies work in one anothers hair, or their dolls hair.
Creativity as they manifest their own styles and adventure in hair!
- A. Behavioral Objectives
- 1. Pretend to be stylists and do one anothers or a dolls hair
- 2. Show their creative style and side with their resulted hair ideas, vocabulary,
and conversation while using the Salon prop box.
- 3. Patiently and cooperatively take turns with a classmate using the materials in
the box.
- B. Standards/Foundations

NAEYC Standard 4 Teaching and Learning

4b: Knowing and using effective strategies and tools for early education
ELA.4.24 Pretend to do something or be someone.
SE.3.115 Express self through dramatic play.
SE.3.122 Engage in cooperative pretend play with another child.

3. Planning Thought Processes

A. Context in which this activity will be explored:
- The children love to complement each others clothing and hair. I thought a
Salon box would be a great opportunity for them to extend their compliments and
creativity and create hairstyles for one another. They can also learn vocabulary,
math, reading, and sharing in the process.
B. Activating Prior Knowledge:
- The children have played with pony tail holders, barrettes, brushes, and combs
in the classroom.

C. Rationale:
- How was the content of the activity chosen? Childrens inquiry? Revisiting or
building on experience? Based from assessment results? I used a combination
childrens inquiry, building on experience and assessment results to prepare this
particular prop box. The kids enjoy playing with their babies hair and I thought
we could elaborate and learn some of the skills it takes to have a successful
business. They have been asking for more hair toys as well.
D. Anticipating challenges:
- What potential challenges may arise for the children or for yourself? List at
least two.
- 1. The children might fight over the supplies..
- 2. The children might get things stuck in their friends hair.
- How might you plan to facilitate solutions for those challenges?
- 1. I would discourage fighting by taking the time to go over all of the supplies
in the box and their functions. I would also let it be known fighting will result
in loss of privileges.
- 2. I will be sure to show the children how to use each of the supplies and
encourage them to practice on their dolls first. If a supply does become stuck
in a childs hair, I will first try to assist in taking it out. If that is unsuccessful, I
will take it out myself.
4. Materials
Create an inclusive list of materials that need to be gathered for this activity.
- Are you materials promoting inquiry? Yes! Creativity? Yes! Self- expression?
Yes! Exploration? Yes! Wonder? Yes!

Broom & Dustpan (2)

Appointment Book (1)

Hair Dryer (1)

Curling Iron (1)

Straightening Iron (1)

Brush (2)

Hair Accessories (24)

Mirror (1)

Sponge Rollers (10)

Hand Towels (4)

Cash Register (1)

Money (1s, 5s, 10s)

Clipboard (1)

Shower Cap (1)

Shampoo (3)

Spray Bottle (1)

Color set (1)

Photo Books (2)

Phone (1)

Reading books for lounge (3)

5. Activity Procedure
A. Motivation/Introduction
- How will you set up an environment that will invite exploration of this activitys
concept? I will set up chairs and mirrors in the dramatic play area.
- How might the dialogue begin about this concept? I would tell the kids their
Salon is open!
- Include an exact quote of the kind of statement you might use to begin this
dialogue. (This is a possibility, not a script.) Boys and girls, Your Salon is
now open, let me give you a tour!

B. Concept exploration
- How are you expecting to actively explore this concept/material? Provide the
steps that would be the likely progression in the process the children will
- This is a step by step sequence of what you will teach and how the children
will explore the concept. This is usually the longest part of your lesson plan.
1. I will teach the appointment starts with a phone call.
2. The child answers the phone to take the appointment. thank you for calling
Creative Salon, how can I help you?
3. Write down the appointment (vocabulary word) in the book
4. Have another child come in the door as customer (vocabulary word) and sign in
5. The stylist (vocabulary word) will greet them, mark their name off book an take to
station (vocabulary word)
6. Theyll ask them what they want done and start conversation
7. Theyll take care of their wash, blow dry, style, etc. as asked or suggested
8. Theyll hand them the mirror to look and evaluate their result
9. Once satisfied, the stylist will give them the price for service
10. The customer will pay
11. The stylist will put the money in the register and make change if needed
12. The stylist will schedule the customers next appointment while she is there
13. The stylist will try to sell the customer hair products before she leaves
14. The stylist will thank the customer for her business
15. The stylist will clean up her/his station (vocabulary word), sweep hair
C. Inquiry
- Formulate potential divergent, thought provoking questions that will facilitate
critical thinking during the activity. (Minimum 3)
- Sample idea starters:
How did you _feel about greeting your customer ?
What would happen if __you didnt answer the phone_?
Why do you think __your customer liked their hair?
- How will you evaluate the way you will proceed?
- Sample idea starters: What have we found out so far?
What are the questions we need to ask now?
D. Closure/Transitions
- How will you facilitate closure? How will you summarize the lesson and draw
it to a close?
- Include potential questions you might ask to determine concept
- Sample idea starters:
What have we discovered about _doing hair?
What surprised us about __the Salon business_?
What did this show us that we want to know more about?

How will you transition from this lesson to the next activity? What will be the
clean-up procedure?

E. Assessment
- How do you know that your objectives have been met? By watching and
listening to the children while they are involved in this center and measuring
them against my objectives in observation.
How will each child be assessed? Observation
- What will you do with this data? Record it in an Anecdotal report and file it in
the childs folder.
How will you determine that the activity is completed? When the child leaves
the area or is no longer playing correctly or cooperatively with the supplies.
Retaught? If the children or a particular child does not seem to get the
concept of the materials.
- (If further exploration of the materials or concepts is desired, how will you
support that?) Id be thrilled to allow the materials to be explored further.