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Ashley Wheelock, LVT

May 2005- July 2008
Technician Assistant

Bay Area Veterinary Specialists

Became proficient in the use of Idexx Vet Test, Lasercyte , and VetLyte blood machines.

Ran PCV tests, urinalysis, and collected tissue samples to be sent to the reference lab for histopathology.

Assisted with the administration of chemotherapy

Assisted with surgical procedures such as endoscopy and ultrasound.

Captured and developed radiographs

Filed and organized charts

Filled prescriptions

August 2008- March 2009

Pet Nurse

Banfield the Pet Hospital

Captured radiographs

Ran lab work including, PCV, profiles, CBC, electrolytes, fecal exams (direct and float),
ear swabs, skin scrapes, fungal cultures, skin impressions, and manual differentials.

Administed vaccinations

Filled Prescriptions

March 2009- May 2009

Pet Nurse

Banfield the Pet Hospital

Preformed dental prophylaxis

Preformed duties as the after hours/urgent care technician

March 2009- January 2011

Vet Tech / Receptionist

VCA Animal Emergency

Triage and admit new clients

Assist with surgery

Run laboratory work including urinalysis, PCV, CBC, profiles, electrolytes,

coagulation panels, PIVKA tests, manual differentials, fecal exams, and blood glucoses.

Capture and develop radiographs

Place IV catheters and central lines

Venipuncture including cephalic, saphenous, and jugular

March 2010- August 2010

ECC ICU Technician

Animal Emergency Clinic

Triage patients and preform stabilization if necessary.

Created and discussed estimates with clients.

Preformed hourly treatments on hospitalized patients.

December 2010-Current
Senior Emergency Technician

Sugar Land Veterinary Specialists

Houston, Texas

Webster, Texas

Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas

Sugar Land, Texas

Placed central, peripheral, and arterial catheters.

Performed venous and arterial blood draws.

Running CPR codes, emergency drug administration, intubation, and chest compressions using the cardiac pump method and
thoracic pump method.

Skin suturing and performing local blocks

Inducing anesthesia, intubation, epidurals, and anesthesia monitoring during emergency surgeries.

Preformed treatments on hospitalized internal medicine, oncology, surgery, and emergency patients.

Preform drug calculations, IV fluid additives, CRI calculations, TPN and PPN calculations.

Preform male and female urinary catheterization.

Apply bandages for limb stabilization and performed splint placement.

Restrain patients during ultrasonography and radiograph procedures.

Run lab work on the Idexx vet lab machines including the U/A reader, Procyte, Catalyst, Coag DX, SnapShot, and the VetStat.

Microscopic analysis including ear cytology, skin scrapings, urine sediment, and hematology; including making blood slides,
manual WBC differentials, manual platelet counts, and RBC morphology.

Filled prescriptions and obtained injectable medications using the Cubex system.

August 2001- May 2005
High School Diploma
May 2005- Current
Biology Major

Clear Lake High School

University of Houston

Clear Lake, Texas

Houston, Texas

August 2007-May 2008

Tomball College
Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology

Tomball, Texas

October 2008-May 2010

Vet Tech Institute
Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology, RVT

Houston, Texas