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Institute of Business Administration (IBA)

University of Dhaka
MBA Program
53rd Batch (Session 2014-2015)

Admit Card

Applicant's Copy

Admit No

: 2913



Father's Name


Mother's Name


Exam Date & Time

: Friday, November 28, 2014 at 10:00 am


This Admit Card is Electronically Produced.

No Authoritative Signature is Required.

Signature of Candidate

1. Report at the examination hall before 09.30am.

2. Mobile phone, calculator or any other electronic device is not allowed in the
examination hall.

3. Show the Admit Card to the invigilator when asked

4. Use 2B pencil/black ball point pen to answer MCQs.

5. Bring your Admit Card, ball point pen, 2B pencil, eraser & sharpener. Do not 6. Use ball point pen to write your name, Admit Number and Test Booklet
bring any thing else with you.
Number. Also use it for signature.
7. No Mobile phone is allowed in the examination hall.

8. Do not adopt unfair means. it will disqualify you in test.

** The following will be deemed as unfair means:

a. turning over the pages of the Test Booklet unless instructed

b. looking over the pages of other examinees Answer Sheet

c. taking help from others or helping other examinees

d. using cell phone or calculator in any manner

e. taking the fellow examinees and


2014 IBA, Institute of Business Administration.

any other unruly or inappropriate behavior

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