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01 A Practical Guide to Musical Composition.

02 Principles of Counterpoint.pdf
03 Artistic Orchestration.pdf
04 General Principles Of Harmony.pdf
05 Principles Of Piano Technique.pdf
500 Greates Albums Of All Time - Rolling Stones.pdf
A Generative Theory of Tonal Music - Lerdahl, Fred. Jackendoff, Ray S
A Guide to Orchestral Music, by Ethan Mordden.pdf
A Pianists Dictionary.Reflections on a Life, by Alan Hersh.pdf
A_musical_grammar__in_four_parts (1817).pdf
Aaron Copland - Music and Imagination.pdf
ABRSM - Beale - Jazz Piano from Scratch
Acoustic and MIDI Orchestration for the Contemporary Composer
Aebersold - The Jazz Handbook.pdf
After Adorno.Rethinking Music Sociology, Tia DeNora.pdf
Alfred's Basic Piano Level 4 - Jazz-Rock Course.pdf
American Music - A Panorama (4th Ed.).pdf
An encyclopedia of the golden age of American song(Tin Pan Alley).pdf
An introduction to Bach studies , by Daniel R. Melamed.pdf
Analyzing Popular Music.pdf
Andres Segovia - Diatonic Major and Minor Scales.pdf
Approaches to Meaning in Music.pdf
Arranging Concepts Complete-by-Dick-Grove.pdf
Arranging For Large Jazz Ensemble (Book+MP3)
Art as Experience - John Dewey.pdf
AUC Rhythm Course
Basic Music Theory - How to read,write,and understand written music.pdf
Beauties Of Harmony - Lewis, Freeman.pdf

Becoming A Synthesizer Wizard - Simon Cann.pdf

Berklee Basic Music Theory Course
Berlioz_A treatise upon modern instrumentation (1858).pdf
Berlioz/R.Strauss_A treatise upon modern instrumentation(Edited, better version).pdf
Blackwell Guide To Aesthetics (Blackwell Philosophy Guides) [2004].pdf
Brass Voicing.pdf
Bret Willmott - Mel Bay's Complete Book Of Harmony Theory & Voicing.pdf
Brower-Piano Mastery-Talks with Master Pianists and Teachers.pdf
Cambridge History Of Music
Cambridge Music Handbooks
Camille Saint-Sans On Music and Musicians.pdf
Charles Rosen - The Classical Style.pdf
Choral Masterworks - A Listener's Guide (Steinberg, OUP).pdf
Complete piano lessons for dummies.pdf
Composers Speak about the Creative Process.pdf
Composing - A New Approach - William Russo.pdf
Composing Digital Music for Dummies.pdf
Composing Music with Computers.pdf
Computer Music Special 38 - Make Synth Music.pdf
Contemporary Music Studies.pdf
Cooke-Great Pianists On Piano Playing.pdf
Creative Music Composition.pdf
Creative_Sequencing_Techniques_for_Music_Production_(by Andrea Pejrolo).pdf
Critical Listening Skills For Audio Professionals
Czerny - Letters to a Young Lady.pdf
Daniel J Levitin - This Is Your Brain On Music - The Science of a Human Obsession
David Cohen - Teaches_Blues_Piano.pdf
David Damschroder_Thinking about Harmony - Historical Perspectives on
David Ledbetter_Bachs Well-tempered Clavier.pdf
David Temperley - The Cognition of Basic Musical Structures.pdf
Davis Richard_Complete Guide To Film Scoring (1999).pdf

Dennis Koster - Guitar Atlas Flamenco
DK - Classical Music Eyewitness Companion.pdf
DK - Great Musicians (Eyewitness Companions).pdf
DK - Opera (Eyewitness Companions).pdf
DK eyewitness - Music.pdf
Ear Training - Ron Gorow - Hearing and writing music.pdf
Electric Guitar Visual History.pdf
Elliott Carter_Collected Essays and Lectures_1937-1995
Encyclopedia Of Arranging Techniques.pdf
Encyclopedia of Bass riffs
Encyclopedia of Heavy Metal Music (2009).pdf
Encyclopedia of the Blues (Routledge).pdf
Essential Chord Progressions.pdf
Explaining Tonality. Schenkerian Theory and Beyond, by Matthew Brown.pdf
Face to Face with Orchestra and Chorus.pdf
Feldstein Sandy_Practical Theory Complete; A Self-Instruction Music Theory Course
Fieldwork in Ethnomusicology.pdf
Film Music - A History.pdf
Film Music - The pocket essential.pdf
For the love of music - Invitations to listening.pdf
Fretboard Roadmaps.pdf
Friedrich J. Lehmann - A Treatise on Simple Counterpoint in Forty Lessons.pdf
From Demo To Delivery - The Process Of Production.pdf
Fundamentals Of Piano Practice - Chuan Chang.pdf
Gary Garritan Rimsky Korsakov Principles of Orchestration Interactive Course
Gehrkens - Essentials in Conducting.pdf
Generalized Musical Intervals & Transformations - David Lewin.pdf
Geometry Of Music - Harmony & Counterpoint.pdf
Gerou Tom, Lusk Linda_Essential Dictionary of Music Notation.pdf
Getting Great Guitar Sounds Book Of Guitar Effects!!!.pdf
Golden Ears Audio Eartraining Program Manual by Dave Moulton
Graded Harmony Lessons.pdf
Guide to the Practical Study of Harmony (Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich).pdf

Hal Crook-How to improvise

Handbook For Composition And Analysis.pdf
Handbook Of Orchestration.pdf
Harmony for Computer Musicians - 2010!
Harmony_Voice.Leading - Aldwel, Schachter.PDF
Harvard Dictionary of Music.pdf
Hazel Scott - Boogie Woogie Lessons.pdf
Hindemith Paul_The Craft of Musical Composition.pdf
Horwood Frederick_Elementary Counterpoint.pdf
How To Arrange & Orchestrate Music.pdf
How To Play Popular Piano in 10 Easy Lessons.pdf
Howard Richman - Super Sight Reading Secrets.pdf
Improve Your Sight Reading
Inside the Scores_Rayburn Wright- Analysis of jazz pieces.pdf
Instrument Reference Chart.pdf
Jazz - The Basics (Routledge).pdf
Jazz Related
Jerry Bergonzi - Vol 4 - Melodic Rhythms.pdf
Johns Thompson's Adult Praparatory Piano Book.PDF
Juan Serrano - Flamenco Guitar - Basic Techniques
Juan Serrano - King of the Flamenco Guitar
Kennan Kent_Counterpoint, 4th ed.pdf
Keyboard Harmony and Transposition (1916) - Hamilton.pdf
Kitson C H_Counterpoint for Beginners.pdf
Lectures on Musical Life.pdf
Luigi Marraccini - Flamenco Guitar Solos Volume I
Malcolm Budd - Music & Emotions, The Philosofical Theories.pdf
Manual of Scales Arpeggios & Broken Chords [piano] - The Associated Board of the
Royal Schools of Music.pdf
Marcel, Gabriel - Music & Philosophy.pdf

Mastering Digital Audio Production in Mac OS X.pdf
mathematics and music.pdf
Messiaen Olivier_Technique of my Musical Language_Examples.pdf
Messiaen Olivier_Technique of my Musical Language_Text.pdf
Michael Miller - The Complete Idiot's Guide to Arranging and Orchestration
Models Of Musical Analysis - Early Twentieth-Century Music.pdf
Music Composition for Dummies.pdf
Music Emotion Recognition.pdf
Music Production
Music Theory - Pop_Theory_Syllabus Exams.pdf
Music Theory For Dummies.pdf
Music Theory For Flamenco.pdf
Music Theory in Concept and Practice.chm
Music, Philosophy and Modernity, by Andrew Bowie.pdf
Musical AKAs.pdf
Musical Creativity.pdf
Musical Performance.pdf
Musicians Institute - Guitar Licktionary
MusicTech Focus - Mastering.pdf
MusicTech Synthesis Masterclass.pdf
New Oxford History of Music.pdf
Nicolas Slonimsky - Thesaurus of scales and melodic patterns.pdf
Norden Hugo_Foundation studies in Fugue.pdf
Norden Hugo_Fundamental Counterpoint.pdf
Oliver Sacks - Musicophilia
On the Track_A guide to contemporary score.pdf
Oscar Herrero - Guitarra Flamenca paso a paso (VI) Acompanamiento al cante por
Oxford History Of Western Music
Paul Hindemith - Elementary Training for Musicians [2nd Ed].pdf
Peters Gary_The Philosophy of Improvisation.pdf
piano chord dictionary (50p).pdf
piano chords.pdf
Piano-A Guided-Sight Reading.pdf

Piston Walter_Counterpoint (1970).pdf

Piston Walter_Harmony (1959).pdf
Piston Walter_Orchestration (1969).pdf
Play the Piano In A Flash.pdf
Popular Music, The Key Concepts (Routledge).pdf
Principles of Orchestration (Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolai)
Psychology for Musicians. Understanding and Acquiring the Skills.pdf
Rene-Pierre Bardet - 260 Drum Machine Patterns.pdf
Revisiting Music Theory A Guide to the Practice.pdf
Rhythm Guitar Encyclopedia.pdf
Richard L. Crocker - Discant, Counterpoint, and Harmony.pdf
Richard Wagner - On Conducting [English].pdf
Riemann Hugo_Harmony Simplified.pdf
Robert W Ottman - Elementary Harmony Theory And Practice.pdf
S. Suskin_ The Sound of Broadway Music_A Book of Orchestrators.pdf
Salzer Felix_Structural Hearing 1.pdf
Salzer Felix_Structural Hearing 2.pdf
Schenker Heinrich_Harmony.pdf
Schoenberg Arnold_Fundamentals of Musical Composition.pdf
Schoenberg Arnold_Preliminary Exersises in Counterpoint.pdf
Schoenberg Arnold_Structural Functions of Harmony.pdf
Schoenberg Arnold_Theory of Harmony.pdf
Sight-Read Any Rhythm Instantly - Mark Phillips.pdf
Studying Popular Misic Culture.pdf
Suzuki Piano Method
Technical Ear Training
Techniques Contemporary Composer.pdf
The 100 Most Influential Musicians of All Time (Britannica).pdf
The Art Of Comping - Jim McNeely
The Blues. A Very Short Introduction.pdf

The Broadway Song Companion.pdf

The Cambridge Mozart Encyclopedia.pdf
The Complete Arranger Composer - Russell Garcia.pdf
the complete piano player style book.pdf
The Contemporary Keyboardist - Stylistic Etudes (Book+MP3)
The Dance Music Manual Second Edition.pdf
The Music and Thought of Friedrich Nietzsche.pdf
The Music Instinct & How Music Works - Philip Ball.pdf
The Music Tech Dictionary.pdf
The Piano An Encyclopedia.pdf
The Piano Handbook by Carl Humphries
The Routledge Guide to Music Technology.pdf
The Secrets Of Songwriting.pdf
The Sound Studio - Audio Techniques for Radio, TV and Film.pdf
The study of counterpoit from Johann joseph Fluxs.pdf
The Study Of Fuge - Alfred Mann.pdf
The Study Of Orchestration - Samuel Adler
The Technique Of Contemporary Orchestration by Casella,Mortari.pdf
The Technique Of The Modern Orchestra - Widor.pdf
The Theory and Technique of Electronic Music - Miller Puckette 2006.pdf
Tom Kolb - Chord Progressions
Tonal Harmony - Work Book - Complete.pdf
Tonal Harmony 2008
Two-voice counterpoint.pdf
Understanding Chord Progressions.pdf
Understanding Post-Tonal Music - Miguel A. Roig-Francoli.pdf
Understanding rock - essays in musical analysis, edited by John Covach and
Graeme M. Boone.pdf
University Of Southampton - Composition, Orchestration & Arranging.pdf
Vaccai - Mtodo Vocal Prtico para Soprano e Tenor (CVS).pdf
Venable - Interpretation of Piano Music.pdf
Vincent - Scoring for Orchestra.pdf
Violin Stuff
Visual Perception of Music Notation - On-Line and Off-Line Recognition.pdf

W. 6a and 6b THE ORCHESTRA

Walden David E_How to Listen to Modern Music Without Earplugs.chm
Waldo Selden Pratt - The history of music.pdf
World Music.Africa & Middle East.pdf
Writing Music For Television & Radio Commercials.pdf
Zeitlin P, Goldberger D - Understanding Music Theory (1981).pdf

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