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Lesson Plan

Lesson Four: DNA Analysis Main Idea

Location: Online Classroom, Asynchronous/Synchronous
Students will be able to:
Identify the main idea and supporting details.
Independently use before, during, and after reading
strategies to understand complex literary and
informational texts.
Read180 workbook
Independent Detective Work worksheet
Main idea homework worksheet
Computer/Cell phone
Task One-Warm-Up: Asynchronous
-Students will look through the article and highlight the sentence
containing two new vocabulary words for the unit: consist,
nucleus, chromosomes, and DNA.
-Students will access a resource such as the glossary or
dictionary to look up the new words.
-They will write the new words in sentences.
-They will add the new words and definitions to their vocabulary
capture worksheet for the unit.
Task Two-Independent Work: Asynchronous
-Students will follow along by reading and listening to the audio
recording of the article, DNA Analysis.
-They will answer the independent checkpoint questions where
they will identify the main idea and supporting details of
paragraphs before being assigned to identify the main idea of
the entire article. This is to help scaffold the task.
Task Three-Class/Group Work: Synchronous

-Students will join a WebEx hosted by the teacher at specified

time and date. They will participate in breakout sessions to
discuss their responses to the independent checkpoint
-The teacher will review the paragraphs designated in the
checkpoint to help clarify any misunderstandings as well as
solidify students understanding of main idea/supporting details.
Task Four-Independent Work: Asynchronous
-Students will capture the main idea of the article with
supporting details using a graphic organizer.
-They will post their responses in a discussion on the class site.
-Students will need to provide feedback to each others
completed graphic organizer. The teacher will also participate in
the discussion to address any confusions and misunderstandings
about the concept of main idea.
-The teacher will be available for online chat for assistance and
-They will have available resources (classroom created checklist
of self-questions to ask along with infograph) to help remind
them as to how to find the main idea of text.
***All task activities will be posted or turned into the teacher to
allow for continual monitoring of students reading progress and
-Visual graphics on the worksheet
-Sentence Starters
-Multiple choices to answer follow-up questions
Independent Activity: Asynchronous
-Students will complete the React section of the article by
recording their responses using a Voki or Voicethread, and
posting it onto the classroom site.
-After posting their own responses, students will listen and
comment on two of their classmates postings.
Post-Assessment: Asychronous
-Students will answer a short exit card, regarding an article
about DNA analysis. It is a multiple-choice informal assessment,
where students have to apply their skills to identify the main
idea, supporting details, and uncover the meaning of unknown

-Students will develop a Prezi to showcase how DNA is involved
in solving crimes as well as provide a short summary to
showcase what they have learned about forensic crime lab and
how reading skills tie into crime solving.
-Students will read a news article and capture the main idea
with supporting details. They will use a graphic organizer to
record their responses.
-They will review their Quizlet flashcards and vocabulary capture
worksheet in preparation for the upcoming vocabulary test.