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The CAT Level 1 exam is fully accredited by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers UK.

Passers of
this exam can apply for Certified Bookkeeper (CB) qualification.
Module 1: Review of Bookkeeping Skills

Module 3: Constructive Accounting

Basic principles of double entry accounting

Nature and accounting of a merchandising

Establishing of Internal Controls to safeguard

assets most specially Cash

business and how it differs with a service


Single entry bookkeeping systems

Reconstruction of Incomplete records

Correction of Errors
Analysis and Interpretation of Financial

Analyze and record transactions in the

accounts such as purchases and sales

Preparation of chart of accounts for a

merchandising and service business

Use of T accounts to analyze transactions into

debit and credit parts

Preparation of trial balance and learn its


Understanding matching concept relates to and

supports the accrual basis of accounting

Module 2: Completing the Accounting Cycle

Adjusting journal entries that will update the

matching process

The use of worksheet as a useful device for

collecting and summarizing data

Preparation of the adjusting and closing entries

from a worksheet

Performing Bank Reconciliation

The adjusting and closing entries
Preparation of a post closing trial balance
Finalizing the multi-step and single-step

income statement, statement of owner's equity

Balance sheet for a merchandising and service

Completing the accounting cycle

Conversion of Cash -basis to accrual



Module 4: Special Journals

Recording of transactions using sales journal,

cash receipts, purchases journal, cash
payments journal and general journal

Use of voucher system to control expenditures,

preparation of a voucher and recording in

voucher register
Use of check register and payment process of

the voucher system

Use of combination journal especially for
service enterprises

Module 5: Comprehensive Review