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Preparing chocolate 4 Break the chocolate into smal, equal seed pieces, 1 and pt tint a heateroot tow ‘paz font ve sauce fa sing water, making ste the bottom ofthe bo! does nat ame into contact withthe water, (nce the chocolate starts to mel stir gent unt smoath, hen remove ram the Heat Note: donot mel chocolate over dec eat unless retting with ote ingredients ~ in hs case, keep the heat very lo yee i sales ace ina Pee ol ne iowa ea mAs guide, melt 125 sox dark choclate on HIGH for 2 mites, and white o mk chocolate on MEDIUM for 2-3 minutes Note: microwave oven temperatures an Setings vary. 50 you should consult the manufacture’ instruction rst, Stir the chocolate, leave to stand for afew minutes, then tic agai. I necessary return itt the microwave for another 0 seconds Chocolate decorations Decorations ada special tuch toa cake or desert Tey ca be interleaved with non-stick baking paper and stored in airtight containers. Dark chocolat wl kep for ‘Sees, ard mk or white chocolat for 2 wees. a caraque Melt a quantity of | enocoate a described shove, then quickly spread {over clean seme ‘hopping bard and eave When the cocoate has set, hold the boat ml, positon a age, Smooth-baded kif on the chocolate, ad pl he blade toward you at an +) analeof 45 degree, seapig long the cocoate fom the caraaue You shoud end up with ineouarly shaped ong eis ahh 7 Using the kif bade ithe caraque ofthe board aed use for decoration a5 requies (vie curls For quick cul choose hek ba f chocolate and ‘ep it at oom temperature 7 Using a sharp, swive-taded vegetable eee sera ght along the chocaate to form Fine curs, ore fimly to form thicker eur. ' = LS paint a smooth layer of meited —) 1 Ri ei 1G. | seessee op ona y Fg gO ~ eteigrae for atest an 3 hour uni set, When set pel each ea away fom if chocolat coating KEY (G_ Simple 19 ease sigh Fe) 8