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Calibration of Density Sand

ASTM D1556 Annex A2-Method A

Bulk Density of Sand Used: 1.570 gm/cm3
Date of Calibration: 17-11-2011
Due Date of Calibration:

Ref. Note1

Apparatus Identification: Silica Sand

Note1: Whichever early, the recalibration has to be carried out, Under the following circumstance:
Calibration has to be carried out upon changes notified in the Bulk Density of the Sand used.
After 6months of its original date of calibration.
Any maintenance carried on the apparatus used.

Note 2 : This Calibration Certificate should not be reproduced other than in full, without the written approval of the Management of Technical Service Division

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NBTC-Technical Services Division

Doc. Reference No. CDS-R00

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