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Lesson Plan

Teacher Candidate: Elizabeth Kolb

School: Long Cane Primary

Date/Time of Lesson: October 7/9:30 am

Subject/Grade Level: Science/ELA/Kindergarten

Description of Lesson: We will be talking about plants and the weather changes the plants go
through during each season. We will also be talking about what plants need to survive. We will
also do research about a leaf that the students will want to talk about.
Lesson Title: All about a Leaf
Curriculum Standards Addressed:
National Standards: C.C.K.W.7- Participate in shared research and writing
SC Curriculum Standards: S.K.E.3- Demonstrate an understanding of daily and seasonal
weather patterns.
SC Academic Indicators: S.K.3A- Understand that plants and animals respond to different
weather conditions in different ways.
S.K.3A.3- Obtain and communicate information to support claims about how
changes in seasons affect plants and animals.
S.K.L.2A- Understand what plants depend on to live.
Cross Curricular Connections: C.C.K.W.7- Participate in shared research and writing
(ELA) we will be using a book to discuss different kinds of leaves as well as do research and
writing about a leaf.
Instructional Objective:

Assessments of Objective:

Students will apply information about

leaves into a research topic about a leaf of
their choice with a success rate of 75%.

Pre-Assessment: Students will be asked

what pets need to survive. These essentials
will be applied to what plants need to
During-Assessment: Students will compare
and contrast different leaves and discuss
with turn and talk partners.
Post-Assessment: Students will complete an
All About a Leaf research with a leaf of
their choosing. They have to include
information about what they need to have
to survive.


Brainpop Jr. Fall Video Clip

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf

All About a Leaf Research Sheet
White paper
Smart Board

Social: Students will need to let their partner have a turn for their turn and talk
partner time on the carpet.
Cognitive: Students need to remember what pets need to survive because those same
things will be the ones that plants will survive on (except shelter will be replaced with
Emotional: Students will need to be respectful toward their partners opinion about
the compare and contrast of different leaves.
Physical: Students will need to keep their own hands and feet to themselves.

5K teachers

1) Remember when we studied pets, we talked about what they need to survive. Do you
remember what they need?
2) Great! Air, water, food, and shelter. Did you know plants need the same things
except shelter? Do you know what they need instead? (This is the pre-assessment).
3) Sunlight!
4) We will talk about what season we are currently in. I will ask the students what falls
down from the trees during the fall season. I will talk about what leaves need to
survive during summer and spring.
5) I will also talk about how trees in the winter have stored food hence why you do not
see leaves on trees during the winter (because they are sleeping or dormant).
6) Students will be shown a video about Fall from Brainpop Jr. Students will take the
quiz at the end of the video.
7) We will then talk about the different leaves we see outside. We will also learn about
some new color words during the description of different leaves. I will show them
different leaves and we will talk about how leaves are the same and different.
8) Students will turn and talk with their partners about how some leaves are alike and
different. (This is the during assessment).

9) We will come back to the discussion and make a chart about different reasons how
leaves are alike and different.
10) The students will then create a research sheet which is called All About a Leaf.
(This is the post-assessment).
11) After students have completed the sheet, they will pick a leaf and create a leaf
rubbing using white paper and a crayon. It will go along with their leaf research.
12) Students will then come together at the end and we will talk about what each student
had for their research about leaves.
Students who have finished early will color their All About a Leaf paper. Students will
also get a leaf from the pile and use a white paper and create the rubbing of the leaf by coloring
the paper on top of the leaf. It will go with their research sheet.
Students who are having trouble will receive more individualized attention from me. I
will have a yellow marker ready for the students who are having trouble writing. I will orally ask
them what they want to say and write it in yellow so they can trace over it.