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7° National Science Olympiad ‘st Father’sNeme © SUNIL GUPTA Schoo! + BIRLA VIDYA NIKETAN PUSHP VIHAR, SECTORIV NEW DELHI DELHI = 110017 Dear KARAN GUPTA, Kindly accept our cordial congratulations and blossings for giving your bes! in the firstievel ‘contest of the 7" National Science Olympiad. The Olympiad was conductedtat more than 2700 Centers in incie and abroad on 2“December, 2004. Hore Is your performance feedback Study it carefully with a positive attitude. This wil | ‘enhance your confidence and you will achieve greater success in life. To give this response, || Wwe have made a celled assessment on the basis of your answers in all actions of the |) Oiympind, We hope that it wil enable youte strive towards achieving creative excellence and |! Improving upon your performance inthe yearsto come. | wish you athe best forthe New Year 2005 and thereafter. | pray that you"utilzeyour Enerey |! andTime inconsonance with your mission.” hue# cet rant =