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November 2014

Quincy High

Think Work Share Newsletter

Student Councils Frighteningly Fun Family Event
Thank you to our talented group of student leaders for putting together the Annual Trickor-Treat celebration on Thursday October 30,
2014. Families were asked to pay only $6 for a
movie, crafts, games, pizza and trick-or-treating
through the school. The students worked long
hours, purchasing decorations, prizes and supplies for the evenings festivities. It was a family
friendly event that brought the entire community

Special points
of interest:

Student Council

PAC Highlights


Community Service

Volume 1, Issue 1

Heres what a few of the guests had to say:

This is amazing. Im so glad we got the flyer
home from school. - Merrymount Parent
Such a perfect warm-up for Halloween. - Proud
parent of Wonderwoman and Spiderman
Senior Madison Davis, dressed as Olaf from Disneys
Fozen, stands with one of her adoring fans who is
dressed as Queen Elsa from the same film.

Its fun to see kids of all ages interacting. The

crafts and cookie making really brought people
together. - QHS Parent

Individual commitment to a group effortthat is what makes a team work, a

company work, a society work, a civilization work.Vince Lombardi

In this issue:
Frighteningly Fun 1
Family Event
PAC Leading the

Highlight: English

PAC Leading the Charge

Our Parent Advisory Council, P.A.C., meets here at
QHS on the second Thursday of each month.
Novembers meeting will be on Monday Nov. 10 due
to Parent-Teacher Conferences on the 13th. The
P.A.C. organization is responsible for many of the
beneficial activities offered to our students outside of
PAC sponsors all of the snacks at Homecoming, which
are provided to our students free of charge. Its an
essential part of the night because everyone knows

that good dancing requires lots of energy (and by

energy, we mean food). The organization is also the
reason that we are able to run our Senior Night Out,
after Prom, without charging students. One of the
organizations main fundraisers for Senior Night Out is
flocking. Have you been flocked?
The PAC is always looking for volunteers and new
members. You can visit their website; for more information.

November Events
Nov.4& 5: ID Photo Retake
Nov. 6 @ 6pm: Scholarship Info Night
Nov. 6 @ 6:30pm: Parent-Teacher Conferences
Nov. 8 @ 4pm: Patriot League Cheerleading
Nov. 8 @ 7:45am: SAT Testing
Nov. 10 @ 11am: Community Service Fair
Nov. 11: Veterans DayNo School
Nov. 11: Band Performs in Veterans Day Parade
Nov. 13 @ 2pm: Senior Class Photo
Nov. 13 @ 6pm: Scholarship Info Night
Nov. 13 @ 6:30pm: Parent-Teacher Conferences
Nov. 14, 15, 20 & 22: MacBeth @ 7:30pm
Nov. 20 @ 3pm: QPS Fall Gathering
Nov. 21 @ 7pm: Homecoming Dance
Nov. 22 @ 9am: AcaDec Competition @ Lowell HS
Nov. 22: History Bowl in Everett MA
Nov. 26@ 10am: Rally
Nov. 27: QHS v. NQHS Thanksgiving Game
Nov. 30: Christmas ParadeBand Performance
and QHS Float
Check out our website, for
upcoming athletic events. Our Football and
Volleyball Teams made the playoffs!

Core Values and Beliefs Statement: Quincy High School believes that in order to succeed in the 21st
century, all people must think both creatively and analytically, work with diligence both alone and with
others, and possess the ability to share ideas clearly with varied audiences. To prepare our graduates for
success, Quincy High School provides a safe and supportive learning environment that emphasizes high
academic expectations and civic and social responsibility. Our community fosters respect for individual and
cultural diversity while our curriculum and programs provide a comprehensive education, which opens
multiple career paths. Whether students intend to pursue a college education, employment, or military
service, Quincy High School has programs to facilitate their success. Graduates of Quincy High School will
be prepared to think, work and share as skilled members of our 21st century global community.

Curriculum HighlightEnglish Classes

Everyone is hearing about the
Common Core State Standards and
the PARCC tests. What does this
mean for our students? The change
in standards is a little more obvious
at the elementary and middle school
levels and thanks to the hard work of
the educators at these levels,
students at QHS are well prepared to
handle the rigor of the Common

ACTs and AP exams. One way our

English teachers plan to do this is to
implement in-class assessments
requiring timed, close reading and
writing analysis.

When you walk into any of our

English classes you will see
everything from students engaged in
discussions to time allotted silent
reading. Our English department
uses a variety of assessments to
This year one of our School
modify curriculum and foster both
Improvement Goals focuses on our
creative and critical thinking . They
students comprehension of literary
ensure that our graduates are
and informational texts. Each
prepared for the demands of college
department has outlined action steps and career in the 21st century.
that will help increase our students
Department Chairperson:
comprehension skills. This will help
increase our scores on MCAS, SATs, Michael Ellis (617)376-3385

THINK for yourself

Community Service

WORK together
SHARE with the world

During the 20132014 school

year our junior and senior classes piloted
the new Quincy Public School Community
Service Requirement. We are proud to
write that last year, all seniors at
graduation had met the requirement. After
soliciting input from parents and students,
the Quincy School Committee decided to
make the requirement permanent, but also
made some suggested adjustments. Here
is the breakdown of the requirement for
the upcoming years:
Class of 2015: 20 Hours
Class of 2016: 20 Hours

QHS students participating in the Hero Walk

2014. Photo courtesy of Meg McMillen, our
community Service Coordinator.

Class of 2017: 20 Hours

Our seniors are required to

complete at least 5 hours prior to
homecoming, which is Nov. 21, if they want
to buy a ticket for the dance. Most of our
students are completing the required hours
but many are forgetting to turn in their
signed sheets. Please remind students to
submit their signed forms to Mrs. McMillen
in room D211 as soon possible.
Any students that do not know
where to go for community service should
stop by the Community Service Fair on
November 10, 2014 during all three
lunches. There will be a variety of local
organizations on hand to share their

Class of 2018: 30 Hours.

Contact Information

Main Office: 617-376-3355

Mr. Taglieri, Principal: 617-376-3352

Mrs. Murray, Assistant Principal: 617-376-3363