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Chapter 23

Delightful stop overs

isla de luzon - missed this regular steamer
castilla - he was kept as a guess on this
spanish cruiser.
aug 26, 1896 - bonifacio and the katipunan
raise the cry of revolution in hills lf
isla de panay - left for spain on this steamer
on sept 3, 1896.
July 31, 1896 - the espana, rizal and party on
board sailed northward.
Aug 1 - anchored dumaguete
dumaguete - spreads out on the beach. Big
house and outstanding house of a lady.
Hererro Regidor - former classmate, judge of
the province.
periquet and rufina families - families that
rizal visited.
cebu - beautiful.
- rizal did two operation of strabotomy,
ears and tumor.
mateos house - met an old couple.
mactan - island famous for what happened to
iloilo - went shoping in the city.
molo church - pretty outside interior not bad.
gustave dore - biblical scenes painted on the
Castilla - cruiser where rizal was transfeered
by the order of Gen Blanco.
- Aug 6 to Sept 2, 1896.

enrique santalo - gallant captain of the

Aug 19, 1896 - the katipunan plot the rev this
Fray Mariano Gil - Augustinian cura of tondo,
discovered the incoming revolution.
Cry of Balintawak - bonifacio and jacinto
Heavy loss in San Juan.
State of war in provinces.
Nueva Ecija
Worried for two reason:
1.) The violent revolution which he believed
to be premature and would only cost
suffering and deaths, properties.
2.) It would arouse Spanish vengeance.
Passengers of Isla de Panay:
Don pedro Roxas rich manila Creole
Periquin son of roxas.
Don Manuel Camus boarded the steamer
and urge Rizal to stay in Singapore to save his
Gov gen Blanco conspired with the
Ministers of War and the Colonies (Ultramar)
for his destruction.
Sultan Zaide another victim of Spanish
Execution of Francisco Roxas, Genato and
Capt. Alemany notified rizal to stay on his
cabin until further orders from manila.
Sept 30 the steamer anchored in malta.

Malta castle three levels.

Oct 3 10 AM Isla de Panay arrived in
Barcelona, with Rizal as a prisoner.
Manila to Barcelona lasted 30 days.
General Despujol the military commander
of Barcelona, Rizals jailor.
History stranger than fiction
St. Francis of Assisi cannon shot awakened
Rizal, with 31 shots.
Monjuich Infamous prison Fortress.
Colon a transport ship.

Chapter 24
October 11 diary Confiscated
November 2 diary returned
Oct 12 to Nov 1 Rizal not able to write
Officer on duty was amiable, refined and
Dr. Ma. Regidor and Lopez tried to rescue
Hugh Fort English Lawyer in Singapore
Chief Justice Loinel Cox denied the writ on
the ground that the colon was carrying
Spanish troops of the Philippines.
Nov 3 Colon reached manila
People who were brutally tortured:
Paciano suffered all pains inflicted by the
torturers, body shattered on the torture rack
and left hand crushed by the screw, His Asian
spirit not broken.
Nov 20 the preliminary investigation

Colonel Francisco Olive Judge Advocate.

Two Kinds of Evidences:
Documentary Evidences:
1. A letter of Antionio Luna to Mariano
2. Letter of Rizal to his Family.
3. Letter from Marcelo H. del Pilar to
Deodato Arellano.
4. Poem entitled Kundiman.
5. Letter of Carlos Oliver to an
unidentified person.
6. Masonic document
7. Letter signed dimasalang to tenluz
8. Letter of Dimasalng to an
unidentified committee
9. Anonymous and undated letter to the
editor of the Hong Kong Telegraph.
10. Letter of Ildefonso Laurel to Rizal
11. 2nd letter of Ildefonso Laurel to Rizal
12. Letter of del Pilar to Don Juan A.
13. Transcript of a speech of Pingkian
(Emilio Jacinto), in a reunion of the
Philippines! Long live Liberty! Long
live Doctor Rizal! Unity!
14. Transcript of a speech of Tik-Tik
(Jose Turiano Santiago) in the same
Katipunan reunion. Katipuneros
shouted Long live the eminent
Doctor Rizal! Death to the oppressor
15. Poem by Laong Laan (Rizal),
entitled A talisay.
Testimonal Evidences by:
Del Rosario
Ambrosio Salvador
Moises Salvador


Dr. Valenzuela

Capt. Rafael Dominguez appointed as

special Judge Advocate to institute the
corresponding action against Rizal
Don Nicolas de la Pena Judge Advocate
De la Penas recommendations:
1. The accused be immediately brought
to trial
2. He should be kept in prison
3. An order of attachment be issued
against his property to the amount of
one million pesos as indemnity
4. He should be defended by an army
officer, not a civilian lawyer
Dec 8 Feast day of the Immaculate
Conception, list of 100 first and second
lieutenants was presented to Rizal
Don Luis Taviel de Andrade first lieutenant
of the artillery. Brother of Jose Taviel (Rizals
body guard in calamba)
Gen Camilio G. de Polavieja became Gov
Gen in the Philippines succeeding Gov
Dec 15 Rizal wrote a manifesto to his
people appealing to them to stop the
necessary shedding of blood and to achieve
their liberties by means of education and
Cuartel de Espana military building where
Rizal was held for the court martial.
Seven members of the military court:
Lt. Col. Jose Togores Arjona (President)

Capt. Ricardo Munoz Arias

Capt. Manuel Reguera
Capt. Santiago Izquierdo Osorio
Capt. Braulio Rodriguez Nunez
Capt. Manuel Diaz Escribano
Capt. Fermin Perez Rodriguez
Present in the Court room:
Rizal (the accused)
Lt. Taviel de Andrade (defense council)
Capt. Rafael Dominguez (Judge Advocate)
Spectators: Josephine Bracken, some
newspaperman, and many Spaniards.
Judge Advocate Domiguez opened the trial
and explained the cases against Rizal.
Alcocer - Prosecuting Attorney arose and
delivered a long speech summarizing Rizals
Andrade said the judges cannot be
vindictive; the judges can only be just.
But the officers were both vindictive and
12 points to prove his innocence.
Lt. Col. Togores Arjona considered trial
over and ordered the hall cleared.
Polavieja signed Rizals execution.
7 am 30th of Dec at field of bagumabayan
Rizal to be shot

Chapter 25
6 am Dec 29 to 6 am Dec 30 Rizal was
busy meeting visitors including Jesuit priests,
Josephine Bracken and members of his
family, a Spanish newspaper correspondent

(Santiago mataix)
Pearl of the Orient Sea called in his last

Imitation of Christ by father Thomas book

given to Josephine, the unhappy wife
Last letter to his beloved parents

Unfortunate Philippines article published in

The Hong Kong Telegraph.
Capt. Dominguez read the death sentence to
Rizal to be shot at the back by a firing squad
at 7:00 AM in Bagumbayan (Luneta)
Fr. Miguel Saderra Mata (Rector of Ateneo
Municipal) and Fr. Luis Viza, Jesuit teacher
(Statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus) First
visitors of Rizal
Other Priest who visited Rizal:
8:00 AM
Fr. Antonio Rosell
9:00 AM
Fr. Federico Faura
10:00 AM
Fr. Jose Vilaclara (Rizals Ateneo teacher)
Fr. Vicente Balaguer (Jesuit missionary)\

Rizal marched with Andrade and Frs. March

and Vilaclara
Malecon now Bonifacio Drive
Dr. Felipe Ruiz Castillo Spanish military
physician asked his permission to feel his
December 30, 1896 exactly 7:03 AM
Rizal Died. 35 years 5 months and 11 days.
Spanish Spectators shouted Viva Espana!
Muerte a lost Traidores
Marcha de Cadiz played by the Spanish
military band

Module 11

Cooking stove Gift by Paz Pardo de Tavera

June 1892 second homecoming

Santiago Mataix Spanish Journalist who

interviewed Rizal for his newspaper El
Heraldo de Madrid

La liga Filipina
- organized by Rizal with the aid of
Jose Ma. Basa.
- Organized in Tondo, Manila.

Don Silvino Lopez Tunon The Dean of the

Manila Cathedra.
Don Gaspar Cestano Fiscal of the royal
Audiencia of manila.


Wrote two letters

1st family
2nd Paciano


Several reasons why Rizal was in Dapitan:

1. One was the founding of the Liga
2. Personal Feelings towards Rizal:
Despujols destructive feeling and Fr.
Pastells constructive feeling.
Dapitan is a place near Dipolog City in
- Founded by Boholanos
Zamboanga del note located 8.5N 123E.
- He stayed for 4 years and 13 days

Museo Biblioteca de Manila where Rizal

placed historical Documents. One is signed
by Gen Bustamante.
Lagubayan A prominent citizen in Bohol,
Baclayon, Manasanan and Dawis
- Lord of the Subanos and terror of
- Boholano
- Received Friendship and charity
Ilihan Hill of Mindanao.
Dona Ilison committed treachery.
Baclayon and Dawis Towns in the island of

Butuan Mail boat

Lottery Ticket No. 9736 Php20,000
Equilior, Carnicero, Rizal
Rizal Php6200 (gave Php2,000 to his father
nad Php200 for Basa)
Php200 in one stroke from selling abaka
Ramon Carreon a merchant in Dapitan
Rizal himself drafted the constitution, the
aims of which where:
1. Improve the farm products
2. Obtain better outlets for them
3. Collect funds for their purchases
4. Help in establishing a store

Anthropology, ethnography, geography,

archeology, and geology studies the Rizal

Rizal Taught Children with:

1. Value of hard work
2. Character building
3. Respect for human dignity
4. Cooperation
5. Family solidarity
6. Kaayusan
7. Delicadeza
8. Word of honor
9. National unity
10. Reading
11. Writing (English and Spanish)
12. History
13. Geography
14. Mathematics
15. Industrial arts
16. Nature
17. Ethics
18. Plants and animals
19. Sports
swimming, fencing, boating)

Water system improved by enlarging with

artesian wells.
Crude coconut oil lamps Dapitan its first
lighting system

3 house of Rizal in Dapitan: shape

1. Square where family stayed
2. Hexagonal livestock
3. Octagonal classroom

6,000 pcs of bricks a day

My Retreat written for mother

Dapitan 800 Families where invited

Da-pit first syllable means to invite
Da-pit second syllable means place
Gratis Gave medicines to poor patients
through this.
Don Tumarong paid Php3,000
Don Azcaragga paid sugar cane
An Englishman paid Rizal Php500
Dapitan Spirit of Medicine and the setting
of a great physicians medical practice
Draco Rizali (Dragon fly)
Apogonia Rizali (small beetle)
Rhacophorus Rizali (rare frog)

Josephine, Josephine short poem for

The Song of a Traveler out of joy poem
for going to travel again
Hymn to Talisay Poem for the Pupil


George Taufer Brackens accompany

Dona Concha Leyva Rizal boarded in this

house during his studies in Sto. Tomas
Capitan Juan and Capitana Sanday
Valenzuela mother and father of The
winsome Orang

Ktaastaasan Kagalang-galang na Katipunan

nang manga Anak nang Bayan or Katipunan
Dr. Pio Valenzuela told rizal in Daptian the
a society group named katipunan was
Rizal made some suggestions concerning
the revolution:
1. There must be unity among all
classes of Filipinos
2. The influential and wealthy Filipinos
must be attracted to the cause of the
3. Antonio Luna be appointed for
competent military leadership

Cologio de la Immaculada Conception

Concordia school where katigbak and
Olympia studied

Casa Tomasina boarding house in

- Runned by tio Antonio and tia
Doble Leonor Rivera and Valenzuela love
Love triangle Rizal, Rivera and Filipinas
Rizal could no longer endure bigotry,
discrimination, and hostility of the school
Salvadora steamer bounded for Singapore

No longer Assimilation to but Separation

from Spain

Module 12
Rizals loves:
1. Julia (Minang)
2. Segunda katigbak
3. Leonor Valenzuela
4. Leonor Rivera (Taimas)
5. O-Sei-San (Seiko Usui)
6. Gertrude Beckett
7. Nelly Boustead
8. Suzanne Thill
9. Josephine Bracken
Corromata Rizal rode with this
Mariano Katigbak friend
Segunda Pleasant, winsome and Air of a

Nolime Tangere written in:

1. Madrid
2. Paris
3. Germany
Filibustero (Subversive)
Rizals reason for coming back home:
1. Operate on his mothers eye
2. To serve his oppressed people
3. To find out the effects of noli and
other writings
4. To inquire why Leonor Rivera
remained silent
Charles Henry Kipping English man whom
Leonor married

Leonors Demands:
1. Her mother should stand beside her
in church
2. She should never be asked to sing
3. Piano should remain locked
Carlos Romulo Kipping Grandson of
Leonor and a Tarlac Governor
Su-mie art of painting
Arejola encourage Rizal to merry Nelly
Two reason why Rizal didnt marry nelly:
1. He didnt want to convert into a
2. Her mother did not want Rizal as a
Sir Spitttael Objected that it was not
Suzanne Jacoby who had an affair with Rizal
instead it was Thill.