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Pharmacy Director at Childrens Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357, Dr.Sheriff Kamal (left) appreciating Pharmacy
Student at University of Rwanda UWASE Marie Ange (right) for her great work after completing her internship
in Clinical Pharmacy at CCHE 57357

Currently, I am a pharmacy student in 4
year at University of Rwanda-Huye campus, College of
Medicine and Health Sciences. I had a chance to do my SEP-Student Exchange Program organized by
International Pharmaceutical Students Federation from 15
July to 15
August, 2014 in Cairo, Egypt,
where I had an excellent opportunity of shaping my knowledge and skills through internship carried out
at Childrens Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357.
This one month SEP was also a great opportunity of cultural exchange, where I met new people, made
friends and I learned more about Egyptian History and culture.
Childrens Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 is one of the biggest cancer specialized hospitals in the world
and it is located in Cairo. It has many departments to ensure the high quality care provided for patients.
The main and the biggest department that plays a big role in patients improvement is the Pharmacy
Department. During this internship I saw and learned many things related to pharmacy as a profession. I
visited many units of pharmacy department such as, patient counseling unit, dispensing unit, IV
preparations unit, pharmacokinetic lab unit and clinical pharmacy unit.
Any medication error done at the hospital is under responsibility of the pharmacist, reason why
pharmacist should document and work seriously and carefully so as to provide a good health care to
patients. In Egypt, a pharmacist is a link between a physician and patients. I was surprised and jealous of
seeing how 10 patients have their pharmacist who takes care of them in CCHE 57357, comparing to
Rwanda where 1 hospital has 1 clinical PharmacistThis made me wondering why Rwanda? Dont we
have Pharmacists? At least there should be a pharmacist at each department to reduce medication errors
happening at hospitals. I realized that we still have a long way to go but it is possible and over possible if
Pharmacists stand and act differently.

With other SEPers from Poland and United States of America, after work in IV preparation room
During this SEP,through cultural exchange, I was able to meet new people from Egypt, South Soudan,
Croatia, Poland and United States of America with whom we shared our experiences about Pharmacy
practices. I also learned Egyptian History and culture where I visited pyramids and temples and other
interesting places.

Having fun with Egyptians, Croatian and Polish at Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

I conclude saying that Pharmacists are not drug sellers only, we have a lot to do that can save lives of
many people. Let us create in us confidence and fight for what we are; we shall fulfill our responsibilities