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Lesson Plan Form

(Modified format for Special Education-Multiple Disability)
*To be submitted at least the day before the observation*
Name: Kari Sparks
Date: October 30th, 2014 at 1pm
School and Room #: John Baker Elementary, Ms. Kara Henderson, K-2
ISP Class
Cell Phone # 720-496-7273
Lesson: Thematic Seasonal Read-Aloud & Sensory Activity for 5 Black Cats
Grade & Subject: Emergent Literacy, Sensory, Fine Motor and Oral Language/Signing
Common Core State Standards and Performance Objectives:
With prompting and support, ask and answer questions about key details in a text.
Understand the relationship between numbers and quantities; connect counting to cardinality.
(Extended Common Core State Standards begin at 3
Grade, this is a K-2
*Several of the students have sensory diet and sensory exposure included in their IEP goals
Measurable Objectives of Lesson (SWBAT):
Students will be able to:
Further their experience with fiction stories.
Further their experience with counting and 1:1 correspondence.
Further strengthen skills of visual attention stamina, oral language and signing
Further strengthen fine motor skills.
Grouping Strategies: (must include at least 3)
Whole Group, Pairs (with EA or Teacher), Individual work
Modalities: (must include at least 2)

Auditory, Visual, tactile/kinesthetic

Story Book:
Five Black Cats
Physical Materials:
Visual Language Cards for Vocabulary
Black Paint
1 Per Student:
Pair of yellow almond shaped felt
Toilet paper roll with pre-made hole punches
Choice of Black, Orange, Green or Purple Pom-Poms and Pipe Cleaners

Key Vocabulary: Cat, Black, Orange, Green, Purple, Glue, Paint
Hook: ( 5-10 Minutes)
I will begin the lesson by bringing the students together to
read the storybook, and modeling the activity.

1. I will begin the lesson by reviewing vocabulary with
visual language cards (made by student teacher)
2. I will have each student touch or communicate
verbally or sign the visual language cards.

Teacher Instruction: ( 25-40 Minutes)

1. I will explain and model the activity. *Toilet paper tubes will be painted black earlier in
the day by students so they are dry for actual lesson*

2. I will then pass out supplies sequentially to reduce confusion.

During Sensory activity time:
Students will be given the toilet paper tubes that they previously painted black with the
hole punches. They will be asked to sign, point, speak or visually attend a choice of
what color whisker and tail pipe-cleaners and pom-pom for nose. They will lace the
pipe-cleaner through the holes independently or through hand over hand. Students
will then be given the almond shape felt to draw irises independently or hand over
hand and asked to glue or point to where they would like the felt placed for the cats
Student Practice: (20 Minutes)
1. Practice with oral language, signing or visual attention.
2. Practice with color recognition through oral language, signing or visual attention.
3. Practice with strengthening fine motor skills through painting and placing of stem and vine
with individual or with hand-over-hand technique.

Assessment/Student Feedback:
o Assessment will be through observational assessment.
o In the beginning of the lesson, during the "hook" students prior knowledge will be on the
vocabulary using the visual language cards.
o During the Student Practice phase, further observational assessment will be utilized and
tailored to each students individual IEP goals.
Feedback to Students:
o Students will be prompted and provided with feedback throughout the lesson.
Closure: If time permits, Signing-Time October Signs
Reflections on the Lesson (Student Teacher/Mentor Teacher to complete Post-Lessons:


Vocabulary Cards: