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Abby Rutherford
Employment History
January 2014 to current: Reynella East College Student Internship Program
Extended Professional Experience teaching the entire 10 weeks of Term
!ontinually engagement with the school on a weekly basis during Term 1" # and $
Present at sta% meetings and Professional &e'elopment days
(uper'ising teacher on numerous excursions
)n'ol'ed in E(* scaling
Engagement with the +ni!oach ,ear 1 mentoring program
Professional Experience
2012: Professional Eperience at St !eorge College" #delaide
-bser'ation of a 'ariety of middle and secondary classes" including E(* and (pecial .eeds
201$: Professional Eperience at %ilderness" &edindie
$ weeks of Professional Experience practice teaching a ,ear /" 9 and 10 English class.
-bser'ation of the ,ear 1 Psychology class.
Participation in a Professional &e'elopment day.
2014: Professional Eperience at Reynella East College" Reynella East
10 weeks of Professional Experience practice teaching a ,ear 11 Psychology class" ,ear 11 and
,ear 9 English (tudies class and a ,ear 9 English Pathways class.
((- support in a ,ear 0 (cience class with low le'el numeracy and literacy abilities.
1ssisting teacher in multiple ,ear 11 2esearch Pro3ect classes.
1ttendance at sta% meetings" Professional &e'elopment &ays and excursions
2014: Participant in the 'linders (ni)ersity *epal Education Placement +departing in mid,
The .epal Education Placement in'ol'es teaching in primary schools in the local community of
Pokhara for $ weeks.
)n'ol'ed in the organisation of numerous fundraising acti'ities engaging with the 4linders
+ni'ersity and wider community.
2esearching TE4* and TE(-* programs and strategies.
Professional Activities
(uper'ising teacher on the !hemical 5urder 5ystery (cience Excursion at 4linders +ni'ersity
(uper'ising teacher on the ,ear 10 Enrichment &ay at 4linders +ni'ersity
&e'eloping a e6portfolio Professional &e'elopment seminar at 2eynella East !ollege
Teacher and Parent 1c7uaintance .ight at 2eynella East !ollege
,ear 061 Parent Teacher )nter'iews at 2eynella East !ollege
Additional Areas of Expertise
8arista 9uali:cations obtained through the !o%ee !lub training program 011
,ear 1 mentoring coach at 2eynella East !ollege 01$
!erti:cate ))) in 4itness ;<roup 4itness )nstructor= completed at T14E in 000
Additional Information
4linders +ni'ersity !hancellor>s *etter of !ommendation 01
4linders +ni'ersity <olden ?ey 5ember since 01
Partaking in a $ week Education Placement in .epal commencing mid6.o'ember 01$