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Purple. PMS 2725¢ ee ee nee ee TARNING: Vide 9 i, Pirmket Box Apply caleurfil 4rd mabe youd timber wee he satt beep ape ed Sf aki F Gighion yt toon ot ieting able * SAFETY MESSAGES 1. Please read through these instructions before you begin. - od 2, Adult supervision and assistance is recommended. 3. This kit contains small parts that may cause choking if misused. Not suitable for children under 8 years old. CONTENTS of 6 bags of crystal beads, I tube of glue, 1 transparent trinket box. INSTRUCTIONS 1. Apply glue evenly to the surface of the box. 2. Carefully cut the end off the tube of beads - get an adult to help or supervise if necessary! Sprinkle evenly onto the glue. Allow fo dry. 8. Leave to dry and your trinket box is done. | @O0erM eGo SOOO O Ges o:OOeOO 0-0O0e 0:080e80e 08 0eOre Ooo OOo |