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Name 4 different types of caves

2. How are solution caves formed?
3. Name 5 different limestone caves in New Zealand.
4. How are sea caves formed?
5. Where is the longest sea cave system in the world?
6. What are the tunnels in Aucklands volcanic cones called?
7. How are ice caves formed?
8. What is the Maori word for limestone?
9. Which of the four cave types would be the most dangerous to explore?
10. Which cave is accessed by sea kayak?
Create a sentence in maori using the words from this page.

1. Name 3 types of soluble rock.
2. What is rainwater also known as?
3. Why does soil have so much carbon dioxide?
4. What does rain water do to soluble rock?
5. What would you fond in a kast landscape?
6. What causes Karren rock forms?
7. What is another name for Dolines?
8. Where are New Zealands best known Karst landscapes?
9. What is the Maori word for hole?
10. How deep is Harwoods hole?
What is a fissure? And whrer are they found?

1. What does Waitomo mean in Maori?
2. What is the main town at Waitomo called?
3. How many caves are known at Waitomo?
4. How old is the rock at Waitomo?
5. What is the limestone made from?
6. How thick is the limestone in places at Waitomo.
7. What is a stalactite?
8. What is a stalacmite?
9. What is a column? (How are they made)
10. On average how much do stalactites grow?
What is the Maori word for glowworms?