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O Thou the Shepherd of Israel Art

By Dwight Armstrong
Verse 1:
O Thou the Shepherd of Israel art; Hear Thou our prayer and Thy favor impart;
Thou leader of Joseph, Thou guide of his way, Mid cherubim dwelling Thy glory display.
In Ephraims, Manassehs, and Benjamins sight, Come Thou and save us; awake in Thy might.

Verse 2:
How long in anger will Thou turn away, O Lord of hosts, when Thy people do pray?
With tears and sorrow their table is laid; of bitter mixture their drink hast Thou made.
Give us Thy favor, restore us Thy grace; Then we shall live in the light of Thy face.

Verse 3:
Thou made us a scorn to our neighbors around; Our foes in laughter and scoffing abound.
O Thou, God of Israel return unto Thine; Look down from heaven and visit this vine;
No more shall we wander, delighting in shame; Save us, O Lord, for we call on Thy name.