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Marketing Integration Plan
Korak K Majumder

Market Study a.) E-Commerce
b.) E-Retail in Pharmacy
c.) Retail Pharmacy
SWOT Analysis
Marketing of
Segmenting and TG Mapping
Marketing Mix
Communication Mix
Franchisee Modeling and Success Parameter
Marketing Budget

Index is a online pharmacy stores with centralized hub in Kolkata Baruipur at backend.
Orders are executed at the doorstep of customer through human interface termed as health buddy.
Minimum Order for Free Delivery Rs250/-
No time commitment seen in marketing offers for delivery.
Already have 100000 customer touch base in the city.
Total Internet savvy people 3.5million of which 1.5 is through desktop and other are through mobile internet. So mobile apps
development is wisely important. Total Population 48million
Total Internet use in Howrah 1.5 million of which 1million through non mobile internet surfer. Total Population is 5million.
Widespread digital campaign would be requiring to convey the messages and benefits of S&S. Optimum usage of digital media
The motto or goal is to create S&S an one stop solution for any medical requirement.

In the last five years, online retail -- both direct and through marketplaces has
had a helluva ride, going
from nascence to critical mass. So much so, today it has started to threaten the
traditional brick-and-mortar retail. Recognizing the danger, many physical
retailers have started to establish or beef up their online presence. CRISIL
Research believes some of them, who play to their strengths of physical reach
and multi-location presence, will be able to build successful and, more
importantly, complementary, business models just as it happened in the US
Indias online retail industry has grown at a swift pace in the last 5 years from
around Rs 15 billion revenues in 2007-08 to Rs 139 billion in 2012-13, translating
into a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 56 per cent. The 9-fold
growth came on the back of increasing internet penetration and changing
lifestyles, and was primarily driven by books, electronics and apparel.
CRISIL Research expects the buoyant trend to sustain in the medium term, and
estimates the market will grow at a healthy 50-55 per cent CAGR to Rs 504
billion by 2015-16. The entry of new players in niche segments such as grocery,
jewellery and furniture, along with large investments by existing players in the
apparel and electronics verticals, will be the drivers.
In terms of size, Indias online retail industry is very small compared with both
organized and overall
(organized + unorganized) retail in the country. This speaks volumes of its
potential. We expect the industrys revenues to more than double to around 18
per cent of organized retail by 2016 from around 8 percent in 2013. Yet, its share
of the overall retail (organized + unorganized) pie will be just over 1 per cent.
That compares with 9-10% in the US and UK, and around 4-5% in China.
Impact on business of traditional retailers evident
Over the past 4-5 years, competition from online retailers such as Flipkart (in
books, music and electronics), Myntra and Jabong (in apparel) has eaten into
the revenues of physical retailers. Specifically, competition in the last three years
has been intense compelling many to go online even as their net store additions


The rise of e-commerce in India has led to the emergence of niche healthcare
portals in the country.

Gone are the days when one had to go to the neighborhood chemists for
buying medicines, a handful of healthcare start-ups are now willing to deliver
them right at your doorstep. The rising acceptance of e-commerce among
consumers in India has led to the emergence of niche healthcare portals in the
country along with many other niche categories.
At a time when the generic e-commerce category is facing fierce competition,
the niche channels offer better margins and as a result, many niche segments
like healthcare, beauty products, gifting et al have come up in the last few
Current e-commerce market in India is around US$ 10 billion and is all set to
grow multi-fold in the coming years, according to Internet and Mobile
Association of India (IAMAI). Another report from IAMAI and IMRB suggests
that the number of claimed Internet users at 137 million has seen a growth of
16 per cent over last year. This number is estimated to grow up to 150 million
by December 2012.
Out of the total size of the e-commerce industry, the healthcare segment is a
small fraction but it is expected that the convenience and access to the
consumers will be a differentiator for the online segment as compared to the
traditional pharma retail. There are many other websites who focus on
individual segments like baby care, beauty products, health supplements et al.
Some initiatives in market

From Trade to Service
The core USP of chain store retailing is to provide consumers with a one-stop shopping solution to all their health needs. This is achieved through a large network of retail outlets with a focus on
fulfilling the preventive, supportive and curative needs of individuals and society at large.
Survey of Pharmacy-chain Owners
In today is bustling economy, one can never underestimate the power of small stores even in the presence of the big-box format. Hence, large pharmacy retail chains operate express, mid and large-
format stores. The merchandise is as per popular demand, covering all major FMCG and FMHG categories, with a clear emphasis on providing genuine medicines. Reliable merchandising and regular
availability are crucial for pharmacy retail outlets to survive today.
In the face of increasing competition with greater penetration of entrepreneurs and retailers into the pharmacy sector, the design and layout of the stores have also gained prominence. A distinct and
contemporary design helps attract the customers attention, and enables the store to stand out among others. Special efforts must be made to provide extensive lighting, and incorporate more effective
space management techniques through linear display and the use of designer elements. In order to derive economies of scale, the methodology used for roll out and management should ideally be
based on a clustered approach. This will enable the chain to maximize availability and be operationally efficient in the shortest possible time.
Advantages of Pharmacy Chain Retailing Over Traditional Medical Retailing Formats
Pharmacy chain retail offers several benefits to customers over traditional medical retailers. One of their key offerings is the issue of bills. This ensures that customers receive absolutely genuine
medicines with every purchase. Since traditional medical retailers do not practice this kind of standardization, customers cannot expect the same level of assurance. Besides, pharmacy chains employ
licensed pharmacists and are generally associated with trained doctors. Thus, customers receive ample reliable advice about their medication, and the benefit of doctor-endorsed substitution, as
opposed to self-substitution. This is a notable safeguard to the customers health.
Pharmacy chain retail in India is currently valued at over `440bn, and it has grown at an average of 18 percent per annum over the last few years. It is anticipated to grow at the rate of 15 percent CAGR
over the next 5 years. The industry comprises over 8,00,000 pharmacy retail outlets and 50,000 stockiest/distributors. Nevertheless, it remains largely disorganized with organized retail constituting only
4 percent. This provides ample scope for new entrants in the field of pharmacy chain retailing.
Presently, two-thirds of organized pharmacy chain retail exists in urban areas and one-third in rural areas. However, rising incomes and the development of tier II and III cities have opened up several
new opportunities for organized pharmacy retailers across various economic segments. Currently, leading players in organized pharmacy retail are Apollo Pharmacy with 1,100 stores, Med Plus with 800
stores, Guardian Pharmacy with 240 stores and VIVA with 256 stores.
Advice for Prospective Pharmacy Chain Retailers
High margins of 25 to 35 percent make pharmacy chain retailing a very lucrative business in India. Almost all the major foreign players are eagerly awaiting policy changes, which promise to make it
more conducive for them to enter the Indian market. Currently, regulations permit 100 percent FDI only in single-brand stores, and pharma-retail falls into the multi-brand category.
Further, with the growth of the rural economy, there is tremendous opportunity to be unlocked through deeper penetration of the rural market. This, coupled with good margins and the overall boom
in organized retail, will make the big retailers look at pharma retail quite favorably.
However, despite this untapped potential, there are challenges in the form of inadequate infrastructure, skilled manpower crunch, high attrition levels, soaring real estate prices, regulatory framework
and political sensitivity, along with supply chain and logistics issues, which could prove to be intimidating for newcomers in the field.

Future of Pharmacy Chain Retail in India
The $4bn domestic pharmaceuticals formulations industry is dominated by 5,00,000 retailers in the unorganized sector, and is largely limited to the urban markets. Organized retail is at a very nascent
stage in India unlike the United States and the United Kingdom, where retail chains contribute 54 percent and 48 percent of retail pharma sales respectively. There are approximately 10 players
operating 500 outlets in the organized retail sector. In the coming 35 years, the growth of the organized retail is expected to be huge, but is also expected to be limited to metros and tier-I cities.
The current fragmentation has resulted in several limitations in the quality and integrity of supply chains, despite the latter accounting for more than 30 percent of the retail cost of a drug. The
fragmented structure makes it prohibitive for pharma companies, distributors and retailers to invest adequately in the infrastructure necessary to facilitate stock and secondary/tertiary sales visibility.
This has hampered the planning process while rendering the supply chain porous for the entry of counterfeits. Additionally, there are issues around unfair retail substitution and compliance to GMP,
which are detrimental to the patients interest.
Offer more discount to end user making it
economical for tertiary consumer.
Network as local medicine shop.
First a Kind in Kolkata
Health Buddy a way to localize the effort of reaching
each doorstep pin code wise. Same Model of any
courier company.
Mother company repute will help to gain
Strong backend team for digitization and Stocking.


S&S service are not known to people.
There is no retail presence so non internet users
are still untapped.
Communication of S&S and Health Buddy need to
Only one central stocking system, delivery lag time.
Minimum order constraint for delivery.

Make network Municipal ward wise make the region
defined for franchisee operation. E-Commerce is an
emerging new market for E retail in Pharmacy product.
Many other services such as cross sales of insurance
health related product can be originated from the
Franchisee will be a Point of Sales, of company owned
product in near future or they may act as distributor of
such products.
It can become a one stop solution for any medical
emergencies. Ex: Doctor Chambers as its not normal
Pharmacy retail outlet, legal complication can be avoided.

Open market, local medicine shop provide doorstep delivery
Big Players like Emami, Medplus, Appllo, Blueprint,
Dwanantari etc have retail franchise and decentralized stocking
system. Lag time of delivery is less and no minimum order
Big players of Medicinal retail also started prescription
digitization service.
Add on services if not provided utility of service may become
same like others.
FDI in Multi brand retail is approved by Union Government so
more foreign player will come to grab market share with
advance technological infrastructure.
Key Area of Focus
Potential Impact
TG Mapping


Attributes of S&S

Brand Identity Building

Emotional Marketing

Group Norms & Loyalty Marketing

Trade Marketing & CRM

TG Mapping and Market Mapping will be done in
accordance's to Municipal Corporation Ward Scenario or
Census Report.
Awareness Development will be on ground and Digital . On
Ground BTL will exercise confidence on franchise Partner in
their task where they can directly communicate their key
attributes of S&S services to people. It may be through a small
Health Camp in Locality organized by S&S. Budget per person
will be understood, post to settlement with original database
of participants at the end of at least one two activations.
Digital campaign will focus in some key issues of irregular
medicinal habit and find a doctor and medicine at doorstep
with preferred discounts. Promote services through
newsletter and sms campaign. Use Linked In, Quikr etc to
create awareness and communicate opportunity of HEALTH
Brand Building is time taken exercise its like personifying an
object as human friend in need. Time to Time Campaign in
Outdoor, TVC which could potentially use in digital media
platform like you tube videos. Newsletters and SMS campaign
will regular initiative for CRM team.
Emotional Marketing is Sponsoring , CSR initiative like fight
against potential cause of Malnutrition. PR related events in
School activities for youngster awareness campaign about
healthy eating and good life will give you a positive image
among the parents and home maker, the decision maker.
School activity example BMR , ideal height & weight, diet
chart creations, sports they must play.
Loyalty Marketing will be done for the customer who can get
a benefit of 15% discount for next one year who will
potentially reach at level of Rs x purchase in Quarter. Whereas
create slab of 8%, 10%, 12%, 15% discount over the purchase
behavior of client in a year.
Trade Marketing online discounts and Trade offs . Doctors
appointment support , find a doctor , Polyclinic Support will
be add on which will help to reach more set of customer.

TG Mapping we will able to devise marketing spend
per person reach.

Awareness Campaign will give franchisee a option to
meet all of their potential buyer and customer in one
set. And also get to know their buying behavior with
their health profiling through medical camp in each
Digital Campaign will enhance reach and also reassure
the customer faith on S&S service quality and standard.
Brand building or Positioning S&S as one stop solution
provider to your all medical enquiry and product of
Pharmacy. Where other verticals can also be enriched,
by cross sales lead for medical insurance of potential
Emotional Marketing will gear up sales volume and
can attach potential buyer more quickly, sole reason
youngster will promote S&S in each home. We will host
there performance and promote youngster on our
website or if budget permits it can follow with award
ceremony for kids . Penetrating any sales routed
through kids are more easier as they are parents most
valuable possession.
Loyalty marketing will allow classification of regular
clients and further classify franchisee into diamond,
gold, silver clubs where they will compete to earn extra
benefits , be get sponsored tour from company,
commissioning structure can be implied with more
defined goals, that can be decided as per required
figures in the Top line.
Trade offs & discounting is regular affair for beauty
segment & wellness product which need to advertising
digital web space to turn client retail to e retail.




Health Profile


Age classification will define required product
concentration according to municipal ward. Mainly four
major classification.
Senior Citizen : Pharmacy requirement high.
Youngster: Nutrition and Dietary Supplement requirement
will be high.
Women: Beauty related product and women health related
Man : Economical & Fast Service Guarantee.

Beauty Related Product: Promote metro sexuality within
man while women are already inclined to it.

Dietary Supplement: Make women aware preferable home
maker, about what will be good for whom in her family and
why. Target kids as your easier way of knowledge partner to
reach to home maker.

Income Group will help to understand the Social Pyramid
and hence promotion of product will be according to pocket
size. Right product for right person saves money.
Classification of Basket in terms of income group
predominance in region of locality will easy in sales

Health Profiling :Most vital information for pharmacy related
items an backward integration stocking of material for
central storage.

Life style products, discounting and offers must
communicated well to local customer, on basis of their
purchasing behavior and that would help to generate
consequent increase in top line.

Product category classification in accordance
to need which will help in volumetric sales
increase in top line.

Non pharmacy product require persuasive
marketing so manufacturer will give better
deal to S&S over volumetric sales and focus
SKU, marginal profit will be high. Similarly
franchisee commission structure on each unit
sales or slab sales on focus SKU can be
classified from time to time.

Volumetric profit concentration and sales
target plan devising will easy for the Sales

Most vital classification for all item nary and
also franchisee contribution towards sales
goal. And this profiling is similar to a approach
of Know your customer. This will help to create
marketing campaign in accordance customer

Lifestyle products where the budget for all
manufacturer runs high . We can covert the
budget into commission of franchisee sales
man for promoting the product at specific
locality. Such as home to home operation for
manufacturer during product launch period.
Consumer : Tech savvy people of urban and semi urban areas of Kolkata, Howrah, 24 Parganas (North & South). For franchisee
operation, local resident within 10KM radius ( it can be more or less depends on franchisee model) will be the target, need & want are
to defined by franchisee. Then we can add more valued consumer.
Cost: Here cost not price, because to satisfy client its cost not price. Price is predefined, in S&S sells concept and experience to its
customer. So its obvious to make customer happy, cost need to paid.
Communication: Not promotion its communication about S&S service as product are predefined so viral advertising focus on service
parameter and price are main focus point. Orthodox advertising required for start up awareness among local resident of franchisee
Convenience: More convenience more satisfied and loyal customers, significant raise in Top line.
POSITIONING SASTASUNDAR: SASTASUNDAR.COM is one stop solution to all of your medical need and
requirement within your budget. Their assistance is as local as neighborhood buddy.
Communication MIX







TVC is duly important to attract consumer attention. Kolkata and Howrah is target market it
most favorable to choose television slots for homemaker favorite time. Attach Brand to
endorse program which have high viewership ratings. This campaign must be launch when
most area distribution centre are all set to operate. It create awareness about S&S presence
in the market.

OOH advertising is best for remembering the cost will low to TVC campaigns but
communication will be more time. At least a Quarter is required to run a campaign to mark
presence around the city. It will help to promote different USP and Services of S&S.

Health Camp, School Activity, Organizing Pro Marathon for children or senior citizen. To
create an direct interactive session with prospective clients. Leafleting in locality through
newspaper vendor will mark your presence within your local TG in more cost effective way.
Wall painting in Howrah and part of semi urban areas of Kolkata will increase the share of
voice for

Raise Voice create social campaign against MALNUTRITION in Children. Plant a tree Campaign
associate with Go Green, Earth Hour, Green Peace etc. This will create buzz in regular news
column and create positive corporate image among TG.

Use digital platform like news letter, creating mobile apps, communicating discount offer,
Redeem Loyalty Points. Make more Health Buddy joining through Linked In by communicating
business opportunity to prospective investors.

Franchisee Profiling in shop architecture to placement of articles as per franchise brand
manual. Setting Colors for brand Identity etc.
Future of e commerce as predicted by various market research agency of repute is to grow at CAGR of
55 to 56% annually by 2020 in respect to past growth scenario starting from 2007.

According to the Union Budget 2014-15 FDI investment will come in Health Care and Multiband Retail,
but online retail will be favored as in terms of specific needs or want of consumer daily requirement. In
term Kolkata scenario big retail is not possible and so digital or e retail have a immense opportunity. will have set of client who regularly served by health buddy franchisee, this will give
the mother company to launch new set of customized product in FMCG domain to market direct to

Real-time stock information with zero lag time will enhance service standard because, out of stock
create negative impact on client mind.

In coming times mobile apps formation , even corporate building and IT park must have a health buddy

Franchisee Operating Cost
Sl.No Overhead Unit Rate Amount
1 Sales Man 2 10,000 20000
2 Telecaller cum Despatch Assitant 1 8000 8000
3 Small Retail cum office 1 8000 8000
4 Electricity, Communication 1 5000 5000
5 Travelling 30 200 6000

Key Features or Points for Each Franchisee centre to Profitable Making Unit.
Distributor Margin is calculated @ 6%-8% over sales.
0.5% is Marketing spend per franchisee BTL over net sales. 0.5% on overall net sales in brand building ATL.
1% in Trade Marketing and Franchise meet, annual conference and replacement of Franchisee Board and
Other Marketing Collaterals.
Each Franchisee minimum sales target reach must be 30lac per month and incentives sales slabs must be
created over each interval of 5lacs.
Under Each Franchisee minimum number Household is 1440.
Discount Slab for Customer 10% 15% depending upon the order size and value of Loyalty Points each year.
Each month target need to set in relation to achievement of previous year.
For starting phase of 3 months company need to give man subsidy @ 100% whereas it might range at level
of 60:40 ratio between franchisee and company in later period.

Franchisee Modeling and Success Parameter (Broadcasting to
Narrowcasting modelling)