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Served on your choice of crusty bloomer

or freshly baked baguette with chips or
potato wedges.
Hot Roast Beef & Onion 5.45
With mustard or horseradish.
Hot Pork & Stufng 4.95
With apple sauce.
BBQ Pulled Pork 4.95
With home made coleslaw.
Fish Finger Sandwich 4.95
Home made cod ngers with tartar
English Cheddar Salad 4.45
Hand Carved Ham Salad 4.45
Tuna & Mayonnaise 4.45
Crown Club Sandwich 5.95
Chicken llet, crispy bacon, iceberg,
tomato, cucumber, mayo & avacado on a
toasted crusty bloomer.
Available all day everyday!
All our meals are made fresh to order,
please feel free to discuss any personal
requirements you may have with our staff.
Pub Classics
Smothered Chicken 7.95
A crown favourite, grilled chicken topped
with bacon & melted cheddar, served
with chips, garlic bread, coleslaw & salad
garnish with a BBQ dip.
Classic Sausage & Mash 6.95
Original pork sausages on creamy home
made mash potato with a rich gravy &
topped with sauted red onions.
Fish & Chips 7.25
Hand battered & served with tartar sauce
& mushy peas with a salad garnish.
Breaded Whole Tail Scampi 7.25
Served with chips, tartar sauce, mushy
peas, lemon wedge & salad garnish.
Chefs Home Made Signature
Beef & Ale Pie 7.95
Made in house & baked to order, chunks
of beef slow cooked in real ale topped
with a puff pastry lid served with your
choice of home made mash & garden
peas or with chips & garden peas.
Veggie Fish & Chips (v) 7.25
Chunky halloumi cheese in our home
made beer batter served with chips,
mushy peas, tartar sauce & salad.
Grilled Gammon Steak 7.45
Topped with two fried eggs or two grilled
pineapple slices or one of each. Served
with chips & garden peas.
Stuffed Chicken Breast 7.45
With Cheddar cheese & wrapped in
bacon, served on a bed of rice with a
home made wine & mushroom sauce.
All Day Breakfast 5.95
2 Pork sausages, 2 rashers of bacon, fried
egg, beans, black pudding, mushrooms,
hash brown & tomato.
Steak & Chips 7.95
8 o/z rump cooked to your liking. Served
with onion rings, garden peas & half a
grilled tomato.
Ribs & Chicken 9.95
Half rack of BBQ pork ribs with a grilled
chicken llet served with BBQ sauce,
chips & home made slaw.
2 for 10
2 for 10
2 for 10
2 for 10
2 for 10
2 for 10
Served in a lightly toasted tortilla wrap with
chips or potato wedges.
Crown fried chicken 5.95
Breaded chicken breast, iceberg, tomato
& mayo.
Duck & Hoisin 5.95
Shredded duck in hoisin sauce &
shredded iceberg. Jacket Potatos
Served piping hot & with any two
llings 3.95

Choose from grated cheddar, baked
beans, crispy bacon, chilli con carne &
tuna mayo.
(V) denotes dishes that are suitable for vegetarians.
We cannot guarantee our dishes, despite all precautions being
taken, are completely free of nuts. Please inform your server if you
are allergic to nuts.
Small Plates
Half a dozen chicken wings 3.95
Tossed in your choice of BBQ sauce,
Cajun spices or jerk BBQ sauce.
Half Rack Of Baby Ribs 4.95
Glazed in your choice of BBQ sauce...
Smokey BBQ or extra hot sauce.
Salt & Pepper Calamari 4.45
Lightly battered & served with garlic
Breaded Chicken Goujons 3.95
Served with BBQ & ranch dipping sauce.
Garlic & Herb Breaded Mushrooms 3.75
Served with BBQ & ranch dipping sauce.
Potato Skins 3.95
Plain or with cheese & bacon & served
with sour cream.
The Crown Food
Served in a brioche bun with iceberg
tomato onion & burger relish served with
curly fries & home made slaw.
Choose from
Gourmet Beef Burger 6.45
Chicken Fillet Burger 6.95
Veggie Burger 5.95
Add cheese & bacon 1
Add BBQ pulled pork 1.50
Crown Jules Burger 8.95
Double burger, double cheese, bacon,
fried egg & onion rings.
Onion Rings 1.95

Garlic Bread 1.95

Garlic Bread with Cheese 2.40
Pan Fried Mushrooms 1.95

Mixed Side Salad 1.95

Bowl of Chips 1.95

Bowl of Wedges 2.95

Coleslaw 1.35
Curly Fries 1.95
2 for 10
2 FOR 10
Pasta & Salads
Bacon & Mushroom Pasta Bake 6.95
In a cheese sauce & topped with Cheddar
cheese, served with salad & garlic bread.
Lasagna Al-Forno 7.95
Homemade using prime ground beef
in a tomato & herb garlic ragu, layered
with fresh pasta & topped with creamy
Bchamel sauce, served with garlic bread
& side salad.
Spinach & Ricotta Lasagne (v) 7.95
Home made in a herb garlic ragu, layered
with fresh pasta & topped with creamy
Bchamel sauce served with garlic bread
& side salad.
Macaroni Cheese (v) 6.45
Topped with melted cheese & mozzarella
served with salad & garlic bread.
Grilled Chicken & Bacon Salad 6.95
A generous bowl of fresh salad with
cucumber, peppers, tomato, red onion &
our lemon & herb dressing. Served with a
warm baguette.
2 for 10
2 for 10
2 for 10
2 for 10
2 for 10
2 for 10
3 for 10
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3.95 each or 2 for 6
All of our desserts are served with cream, ice cream or custard
Warm Alabama Chocolate Fudge Cake Baked Vanilla Cheesecake
Sticky Toffee Pudding Warm Chocolate Brownie
Blackberry & Apple Crumble 3 Scoops Ice Cream 2.95
We serve a delicious Sunday roast.
Every Sunday from noon until 6pm.
see blackboards for chefs specials!
Mains Meals 3.45
Make one selection from each
Mains - Sausages, Fish Fingers or Breaded Chicked Goujons
Sides - Chips, Mashed Potato, Garlic Bread or Jacket Potato
Vegetables - Peas, Carrots, Mixed Salad or Beans
Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce 1.45
Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream 1.45
Jam Sponge Pudding served with Custard 1.95 C

The Crown
The Crown