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Title of Activity: Comparing Fractions & Decimals

Reference Section:
Fraction Order 1. (n.d.). Fraction Order. Retrieved October 6, 201, !rom
Grade Level:
Subject# -at"ematics
Brief Description of Activity:
't&dents %ill visit a %ebsite %"ere t"e. %ill do an activit. t"at "as t"em compare
!ractions and decimals and order t"em !rom smallest to largest. /"e %ebsite t"e. %ill
visit is "ttp#$$%%%.trans&$'o!t%are$'($!racorder$!raction)order.asp*+evel,1 .
Once t"e. "ave completed t"e !irst level, t"e. can proceed to t"e second and possibl. t"e
t"ird levels as %ell.
General Learner Outcome:
Develop 0&mber 'ense
Specific Learner Outcomes:
1. Demonstrate an &nderstanding o! !ractions less t"an or e2&al to one b. &sing
concrete, pictorial and s.mbolic
representations to#
3name and record !ractions !or t"e parts o! a %"ole or a set
compare and order fractions
3model and e4plain t"at !or di!!erent %"oles, t%o identical !ractions ma. not
represent t"e same 2&antit.
3rovide e4amples o! %"ere !ractions are &sed.
5C, C0, 6', R, 78
10.Relate decimals to fractions and fractions to decimals (to hundredths).
[C, CN, R, V]
!T Outcomes:
!"# $ Students %ill use tec&nolo'y to investi'ate and(or solve problems"
Specific Outcomes
&se tec"nolog. to organi9e and displa. data in a problem:solving conte4t
&se tec"nolog. to s&pport and present concl&sions
!") $ Students %ill use electronic researc& tec&ni*ues to construct personal
+no%led'e and meanin'"
Specific Outcomes
dra% concl&sions !rom organi9ed in!ormation
ma;e predictions based on organi9ed in!ormation
,"# $ Students %ill demonstrate a basic understandin' of t&e operatin' s+ills
re*uired in a variety of tec&nolo'ies"
Specific Outcomes
per!orm basic comp&ter operations, %"ic" ma. var. b. environment, incl&ding
po%ering &p, inserting dis;s, moving t"e c&rsor, clic;ing on an icon, &sing
p&ll:do%n men&s, e4ec&ting programs, saving !iles, retrieving !iles, printing,
e<ecting dis;s and po%ering do%n
-". $ Students %ill navi'ate and create &yperlin+ed resources"
Specific Outcomes
1.2 access ".perlin;ed sites on an intranet or t"e =nternet
Rationale for !omputer nte'ration:
>sing comp&ters !or t"is activit. allo%s !or easier manip&lation o! t"e data !or t"e
st&dents (rat"er t"an "ando&ts, pencils, and erasers) and enables t"e activit. to &sed as
!ormative assessment, bot" sel! and teac"er to st&dent (via observation). 't&dents %ill be
able to %or; at t"eir o%n pace, b. being able to move t"ro&g" t"e t"ree levels as t"e.
complete t"em. ?. "aving t"e st&dents %or;ing at t"eir o%n pace and being able to c"ec;
!or correct ans%ers, t"is s"o&ld !ree &p t"e teac"er to provide more assistance to st&dents
t"at re2&ire it.