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Weekday Date Faculty Duty

Duty Senior on duty

Friday 6-Sep-13 xxx xxx
Saturday 6-Sep-14 xxx MM Boarder move in/BBQ/Walker Dance
Sunday 7-Sep-14 xxx MM
Monday 8-Sep-14 FC MR Al-Sayed, Omar Classes Begin / S2 Grade Party
Tuesday 9-Sep-14 DI MM Alam, Armaghan M1/2 Grade Party
Wednesday 10-Sep-14 CC CC Amangbo, Nnamdi
Thursday 11-Sep-14 LK MM Awan, Basil U1 Grade Party
Friday 12-Sep-14 DB MM Macdonell, Aidan New Boarders to Pinecrest
Saturday 13-Sep-14 xxx MM Devlin, Daniel
Sunday 14-Sep-14 xxx MM xxx U1 Temagami Trip #1 - Sept 20
Monday 15-Sep-14 DR CC Burgess, Paul Spirit Day Pep Rally / U2/S1 Grade Party
Tuesday 16-Sep-14 JH MM Celik, Arda
Wednesday 17-Sep-14 CC CC Chen, Shih-Sung (Shawn)
Thursday 18-Sep-14 CS MM Chikh Al Sagha, Zuheir
Friday 19-Sep-14 FC MR Furlan, Andrew
Saturday 20-Sep-14 xxx MR Awan, Basil U1 Temagami Trip #2 - Sept 26
Sunday 21-Sep-14 xxx MR xxx
Monday 22-Sep-14 SK MR Davies, Tanner
Tuesday 23-Sep-14 BN MM Devlin, Daniel
Wednesday 24-Sep-14 CC CC Empleo, Angelo
Thursday 25-Sep-14 SS MM Furlan, Andrew
Friday 26-Sep-14 DI MM Yang, Yixing (Jerry) Boarders Stay-In/Prefect Spirit event
Saturday 27-Sep-14 xxx MM MacDonald, Morgan Homecoming / U1 Temagami Trip #3 - Oct 2
Sunday 28-Sep-14 xxx MM xxx
Monday 29-Sep-14 DB MR Gross, Felix Gold Optimates
Tuesday 30-Sep-14 DI MM He, Jiabin (Tommy) Silver Optimates
Wednesday 1-Oct-14 CC CC Hurst, Benjamin
Thursday 2-Oct-14 MW MM Ishtiaq, Salman
Friday 3-Oct-14 JH CC von Massow, Christian
Saturday 4-Oct-14 xxx CC Wang, Dong Fang (Xin-Xin) MM All campus
Sunday 5-Oct-14 xxx CC xxx
Monday 6-Oct-14 DD MR Kenny, William (Liam)
Tuesday 7-Oct-14 KK MM Kershaw, Robert
Wednesday 8-Oct-14 CC CC Kumentas, George All boarder outing
Thursday 9-Oct-14 xxx xxx Lau, Harry /Holiday weekend
Friday 10-Oct-14 xxx xxx xxx /Holiday weekend
Saturday 11-Oct-14 xxx xxx xxx /Holiday weekend
Sunday 12-Oct-14 xxx xxx xxx /Holiday weekend
Monday 13-Oct-14 xxx MR LeBlanc, Eric
Tuesday 14-Oct-14 FC MM Li, Yifan (Tim)
Wednesday 15-Oct-14 CC CC MacDonald, Morgan Baillie Retro Dance
Thursday 16-Oct-14 JH MM Macdonell, Aidan Walkathon
Friday 17-Oct-14 SK MM van der Berghe, Leon
Saturday 18-Oct-14 xxx MM Zhang, JiaRui (Bill) Open House 10-2pm
Sunday 19-Oct-14 xxx MM xxx
Monday 20-Oct-14 DB MR Maqbool, Faizan
Tuesday 21-Oct-14 DI MM Miele, Anthony
Wednesday 22-Oct-14 CC CC Murphy, Robert
Thursday 23-Oct-14 SS MM Nelson, Christian
Friday 24-Oct-14 LK MM Wu, Zhihao (Zack)
Saturday 25-Oct-14 xxx MM Yang, Yang (Leon) Open House 10-2pm
Sunday 26-Oct-14 xxx MM xxx
Monday 27-Oct-14 CS MR Ng, Pak Woon (Corey)
Tuesday 28-Oct-14 FC MM Okoyomon, Ehimare
Wednesday 29-Oct-14 CC CC Ouellette, Aidan (Cole)
Thursday 30-Oct-14 SK MM Palumbo, Matthew Colley Open House
Friday 31-Oct-14 DR MR Wolf, Patrick
Saturday 1-Nov-14 xxx MR Wu, Arthur Kwan Hung
Sunday 2-Nov-14 xxx MR xxx Baillie Special Dinner
Monday 3-Nov-14 CC MM Park, Jong Hwa (Brian) P/T interviews
Tuesday 4-Nov-14 BN MR Prat, Nicholas
Wednesday 5-Nov-14 CC CC Samardzic, Kevin P/T interviews
Thursday 6-Nov-14 xxx xxx Shen, Jinyang (Chris) /Holiday weekend
Friday 7-Nov-14 xxx xxx xxx /Holiday weekend
Saturday 8-Nov-14 xxx xxx xxx /Holiday weekend
Sunday 9-Nov-14 xxx xxx xxx /Holiday weekend
14 xxx CC Shin, Dong Woo (Alex)
14 DR MR Soliman, Seif Winter co-curriculars start
14 CC CC Steuart, Alexander
14 LK MR Stewart, Blake Cabaret
14 CS CC Sun, Xinyang (Sean)
14 xxx CC Tarasca, Anthony MR All Campus
14 xxx CC xxx
14 DB MR Sun, Haijing (Chris)
14 FC MR Sun, Xinyang (Sean)
14 CC CC Tarasca, Anthony Colley Dodgeball
14 JH CC von Massow, Christian
Friday 21-Nov- MW MR Stewart, Blake
14 xxx MR Sun, Haijing (Chris) Open House 10-2
14 xxx MR xxx
14 DI CC van der Berghe, Leon Boarder holiday dinner
14 SK MR Wang, Dong Fang (Xin-Xin)
14 CC CC Wolf, Patrick
14 SS MM Wu, Arthur Kwan Hung U1 Carol Service
14 JH CC Soliman, Seif U2 Carol Service
14 xxx CC Steuart, Alexander MS/S1 Carol Service
14 xxx CC xxx S2 Carol Service
Monday 1-Dec-14 DR MR Wu, Zhihao (Zack)
Tuesday 2-Dec-14 CS MR Yang, Yang (Leon)
Wednesday 3-Dec-14 CC CC Yang, Yixing (Jerry) Powell's Open House
Thursday 4-Dec-14 LK MM Zhang, JiaRui (Bill) Review Day
Friday 5-Dec-14 SS MR Shen, Jinyang (Chris) Review Day; Friday evening study
Saturday 6-Dec-14 xxx MR Shin, Dong Woo (Alex) Exams start
Sunday 7-Dec-14 xxx MR xxx Sunday evening study
Monday 8-Dec-14 SK CC Al-Sayed, Omar
Tuesday 9-Dec-14 BN MR Alam, Armaghan
Wednesday 10-Dec-14 CC CC Amangbo, Nnamdi
Thursday 11-Dec-14 CS MM Awan, Basil
Friday 12-Dec-14 DD MM Samardzic, Kevin
Saturday 13-Dec-14 xxx MM MM All campus Exam period ends; students out of boarding on Sunday

Weekday Date Faculty Duty
Duty Senior on duty
Monday 5-Jan-15 xxx MR xxx Boarders return
Tuesday 6-Jan-15 BN MR Burgess, Paul
Wednesday 7-Jan-15 CC CC Celik, Arda
Thursday 8-Jan-15 LK MM Chen, Shih-Sung (Shawn)
Friday 9-Jan-15 KK CC Park, Jong Hwa (Brian)
Saturday 10-Jan-15 xxx CC Prat, Nicholas SSATs
Sunday 11-Jan-15 xxx CC xxx
Monday 12-Jan-15 DB MM Chikh Al Sagha, Zuheir United Way Week
Tuesday 13-Jan-15 KK MR Davies, Tanner Powell's House Breakfast
Wednesday 14-Jan-15 CC CC Devlin, Daniel
Thursday 15-Jan-15 MW MM Empleo, Angelo Colleyoke
Friday 16-Jan-15 BN MR Ouellette, Aidan (Cole) SemiFormal
Saturday 17-Jan-15 xxx MR Palumbo, Matthew AC Open House
Sunday 18-Jan-15 xxx MR xxx
Monday 19-Jan-15 SS CC Furlan, Andrew
Tuesday 20-Jan-15 DI MR Gross, Felix
Wednesday 21-Jan-15 CC CC He, Jiabin (Tommy)
Thursday 22-Jan-15 LK MM Hurst, Benjamin
Friday 23-Jan-15 DR MM Ng, Pak Woon (Corey) All Boarders In
Saturday 24-Jan-15 xxx MM Okoyomon, Ehimare Open House 10-2
Sunday 25-Jan-15 xxx MM xxx Powell's Special Dinner
Monday 26-Jan-15 CS MR Ishtiaq, Salman Powell's House Chapel Week
Tuesday 27-Jan-15 JH MR Kenny, William (Liam) S2 Temagami Trip - Feb 1
Wednesday 28-Jan-15 CC CC Kershaw, Robert
Thursday 29-Jan-15 SS MM Kumentas, George
Friday 30-Jan-15 DB CC Murphy, Robert Appleby's Got Talent
Saturday 31-Jan-15 xxx CC Nelson, Christian MR All Campus
Sunday 1-Feb-15 xxx CC xxx
Monday 2-Feb-15 JH MR Lau, Harry U2 Temagami Trip #1 - Feb 6
Tuesday 3-Feb-15 DI MR LeBlanc, Eric
Wednesday 4-Feb-15 CC CC Li, Yifan (Tim)
Thursday 5-Feb-15 DR MM MacDonald, Morgan
Friday 6-Feb-15 FC MM Maqbool, Faizan U2 Temagami Trip #2 - Feb 11
Saturday 7-Feb-15 xxx MM Miele, Anthony U2 Temagami Trip #2 - Feb 11
Sunday 8-Feb-15 xxx MM xxx
Monday 9-Feb-15 CS MR Macdonell, Aidan
Tuesday 10-Feb-15 FC MR Maqbool, Faizan
Wednesday 11-Feb-15 CC CC Miele, Anthony
Thursday 12-Feb-15 xxx xxx xxx /Holiday Weekend
Friday 13-Feb-15 xxx xxx xxx /Holiday Weekend
Saturday 14-Feb-15 xxx xxx xxx /Holiday Weekend
Sunday 15-Feb-15 xxx xxx xxx /Holiday Weekend
Monday 16-Feb-15 xxx MM xxx
Tuesday 17-Feb-15 CC MR Murphy, Robert P/T interviews
Wednesday 18-Feb-15 SK CC Nelson, Christian
Thursday 19-Feb-15 CC MM Ng, Pak Woon (Corey) P/T interviews / U2 Temagami Trip #3 - Feb 23
Friday 20-Feb-15 JH MR MacDonald, Morgan
Saturday 21-Feb-15 xxx MR Macdonell, Aidan
Sunday 22-Feb-15 xxx MR xxx
Monday 23-Feb-15 SS MM Okoyomon, Ehimare School Play dress rehearsal / U2 Temagami Trip #4 - Feb 28
Tuesday 24-Feb-15 DD MR Ouellette, Aidan (Cole) School Play
Wednesday 25-Feb-15 CC CC Palumbo, Matthew School Play
Thursday 26-Feb-15 BN MM Park, Jong Hwa (Brian)
Friday 27-Feb-15 DI CC LeBlanc, Eric
Saturday 28-Feb-15 xxx CC Li, Yifan (Tim) MM All Campus
Sunday 1-Mar-15 xxx CC xxx Walker Special Dinner
Monday 2-Mar-15 DB MM Prat, Nicholas Spirit Day / Staff v. Student Charity Hockey Game / Co-curricular Assembly
Tuesday 3-Mar-15 SK MR Samardzic, Kevin
Wednesday 4-Mar-15 CC CC Shen, Jinyang (Chris) Colley v. Powell's Baseketball Game

Weekday Date
Duty Senior on duty
Monday 23-Mar-15 xxx MR xxx Faculty PD
Tuesday 24-Mar-15 CS MR Shin, Dong Woo (Alex) Classes Resume
Wednesday 25-Mar-15 CC CC Soliman, Seif
Thursday 26-Mar-15 DR MM Steuart, Alexander U2 Literacy Test
Friday 27-Mar-15 LK CC Kumentas, George
Saturday 28-Mar-15 xxx CC Lau, Harry Res Life Earth Hour Events
Sunday 29-Mar-15 xxx CC xxx
Monday 30-Mar-15 MW MM Stewart, Blake
Tuesday 31-Mar-15 DD MR Sun, Haijing (Chris)
Wednesday 1-Apr-15 CC CC Sun, Xinyang (Sean)
Thursday 2-Apr-15 xxx xxx xxx /Easter weekend
Friday 3-Apr-15 xxx xxx xxx /Easter weekend
Saturday 4-Apr-15 xxx xxx xxx /Easter weekend
Sunday 5-Apr-15 xxx xxx xxx /Easter weekend
Monday 6-Apr-15 xxx CC xxx /Easter weekend
Tuesday 7-Apr-15 AB MR Tarasca, Anthony Sustainability Week
Wednesday 8-Apr-15 CC CC von Massow, Christian
Thursday 9-Apr-15 KK MM Wang, Dong Fang (Xin-Xin)
Friday 10-Apr-15 CS MR Kenny, William (Liam)
Saturday 11-Apr-15 xxx MR Kershaw, Robert
Sunday 12-Apr-15 xxx MR xxx Colley Special Dinner
Monday 13-Apr-15 DR MM Wolf, Patrick
Tuesday 14-Apr-15 SS MR Wu, Arthur Kwan Hung
Wednesday 15-Apr-15 CC CC Wu, Zhihao (Zack)
Thursday 16-Apr-15 LK MM Yang, Yang (Leon) Employee Appreciation Luncheon
Friday 17-Apr-15 AB CC Hurst, Benjamin
Saturday 18-Apr-15 xxx CC Ishtiaq, Salman
Sunday 19-Apr-15 xxx CC xxx
Monday 20-Apr-15 DB MM Yang, Yixing (Jerry)
Tuesday 21-Apr-15 FC MR Zhang, JiaRui (Bill)
Wednesday 22-Apr-15 CC CC Al-Sayed, Omar
Thursday 23-Apr-15 JH MM Alam, Armaghan
Friday 24-Apr-15 MW MR Gross, Felix
Saturday 25-Apr-15 xxx MR He, Jiabin (Tommy)
Sunday 26-Apr-15 xxx MR xxx
Monday 27-Apr-15 DI MM Amangbo, Nnamdi Arts Week
Tuesday 28-Apr-15 LK MR Awan, Basil
Wednesday 29-Apr-15 CC CC Burgess, Paul
Thursday 30-Apr-15 SK MM Celik, Arda
Friday 1-May-15 BN MM Empleo, Angelo All Boarders In
Saturday 2-May-15 xxx MM Furlan, Andrew MR All Campus
Sunday 3-May-15 xxx MM xxx
Monday 4-May-15 DR MR Chen, Shih-Sung (Shawn)
Tuesday 5-May-15 CS MR Chikh Al Sagha, Zuheir
Wednesday 6-May-15 CC CC Davies, Tanner
Thursday 7-May-15 SS MM Devlin, Daniel
Friday 8-May-15 SS CC Davies, Tanner
Saturday 9-May-15 xxx CC Devlin, Daniel
Sunday 10-May-15 xxx CC xxx
Monday 11-May-15 DB MM Empleo, Angelo
Tuesday 12-May-15 DD MR Furlan, Andrew
Wednesday 13-May-15 CC CC Gross, Felix
Thursday 14-May-15 xxx xxx xxx /Victoria Day weekend
Friday 15-May-15 xxx xxx xxx /Victoria Day weekend
Saturday 16-May-15 xxx xxx xxx /Victoria Day weekend
Sunday 17-May-15 xxx xxx xxx /Victoria Day weekend
Monday 18-May-15 xxx MM He, Jiabin (Tommy)
Tuesday 19-May-15 KK MR Hurst, Benjamin
Wednesday 20-May-15 CC CC Ishtiaq, Salman
Thursday 21-May-15 AB MM Kenny, William (Liam)
Friday 22-May-15 DD MR Chen, Shih-Sung (Shawn)
Saturday 23-May-15 xxx MR Chikh Al Sagha, Zuheir Powell's House Car Wash
Sunday 24-May-15 xxx MR xxx
Monday 25-May-15 BN MM Kershaw, Robert Spirit Day
Tuesday 26-May-15 MW MR Kumentas, George
Wednesday 27-May-15 CC CC Lau, Harry
Thursday 28-May-15 JH MM LeBlanc, Eric
Friday 29-May-15 KK CC Burgess, Paul Chairman's Dinner
Saturday 30-May-15 xxx CC Celik, Arda Powell's House Service Day?
Sunday 31-May-15 xxx CC xxx
Monday 1-Jun-15 DB MR Li, Yifan (Tim) Co-Curricular Assembly / Athletic Banquet
Tuesday 2-Jun-15 FC MR MacDonald, Morgan
Wednesday 3-Jun-15 CC CC Macdonell, Aidan Colley Carnival
Thursday 4-Jun-15 DI MM Maqbool, Faizan Prefect Dinner / Review Day
Friday 5-Jun-15 SK MM Amangbo, Nnamdi Review Day
Saturday 6-Jun-15 xxx MM Awan, Basil MM All Campus Exams begin
Sunday 7-Jun-15 xxx MM xxx
Monday 8-Jun-15 SK CC van der Burghe, Leon
Tuesday 9-Jun-15 DR MR Miele, Anthony
Wednesday 10-Jun-15 CC CC Murphy, Robert
Thursday 11-Jun-15 LK MM Nelson, Christian
Friday 12-Jun-15 BN MR Al-Sayed, Omar
Saturday 13-Jun-15 xxx MR Alam, Armaghan
Sunday 14-Jun-15 xxx MR xxx
Monday 15-Jun-15 AB MM Ng, Pak Woon (Corey) Exams finish
Tuesday 16-Jun-15 BN MR Okoyomon, Ehimare
Wednesday 17-Jun-15 CC CC Ouellette, Aidan (Cole) Leaving Class Dinner
Thursday 18-Jun-15 FC MM Palumbo, Matthew
Friday 19-Jun-15 xxx xxx xxx Closing Day 10:30 - 1