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Bile Salt Powder Manufacturer and Supplier

Companies in Delhi, India | Titan Biotech Ltd

Bile salts are known as the steroidal detergents In the intestine, Bile salts are
com!ined with the li"uids or fats or cholesterol from the mi#ed micelles The$ are
used for ena!ling the digestion of food and a!sorption with the help of intestinal
walls %e de&eloped a high "ualit$ of !ile salt powder specificall$ for micro!iological
culture media and more applications
If $ou are thinking to !u$ !ile salt powder for micro!iological culture media, then
$ou can easil$ go to Titan Biotech Ltd It is a leading manufacturer and supplier
compan$ in India that offers Bile salt powder and more !iological products at a
reasona!le rate to its customer
'or further details please &isit the pro&ided links(
Contact +s(
Titan Biotech Ltd
,*-)., ./.*./0, .rd 'loor, Lusa Tower,
,1adpur Commercial Comple# , ,1adpur
Delhi * 22//.. 3India4
Ph( 562*22*-787768/,-7879820,-787/79-
562*22*97/-/2// 3./ lines4
'a# ( 562*22*-78792:2
%e!( wwwtitan!iotechltdcom