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Personalised Feedback Sheet for IGCSE Section 1 Types and Components of Computers

Name: Martha Millington

Target grade:
Score on this assessment: 52/58
Grade for this assessment: A

General feedback/class needs:
The majority of you in this class really nailed this test. You clearly knew the main components of a
computer and most of you could give a definition for RAM and ROM.
Software and Hardware didnt seem to pose any problems for you, most students achieved the full 8
marks on question 8.
Common problems seemed to be that you didnt know the reasons why components such as RAM
and ROM are needed in a computer system and that Backing Storage is NOT backup!
Next, most of you seemed to struggle on things that an operating system does. Many of you told me
it was software that controls the whole system but we were looking for more in depth answers such
as handles any program errors or crashes to prevent the whole computer freezing.
Finally, the weakest area for you all was types of computers and their uses. It was clear that many of
you didnt know what a mainframe was, for example, nor the types of situations it would be used in.
Your personal targets:
1. To revise GUI and to make sure I revise their advantages and disadvantages- spend more
time revising
2. To strengthen my knowledge on RAM and ROM so and why they are needed in a computer
3. To test my knowledge of definitions before the test using the flash card resources provided
on the revision website and on my own website.

1) On question 3) Describe the difference between RAM and ROM. [4 marks]
I got 4 marks because I used a point for each mark and the structure was clear and I used
Key words.

2) The question I was close to getting was 15b) Why? [1 mark]

Answer: Because its not a general purpose computer used by non-expert users

I was so close to getting the marks but I did not include the key words I said just not
In the right words.

3) One question I got entirely wrong was: 12) Give one disadvantage of a GUI. [1 mark]

Because I knew the answer it
I just didnt write because I said what happens because of the disadvantage but not
what he disadvantages was.

Example question to improve on:
Explain why computer systems have both backing storage and RAM.(3)

Computer systems have both backing storage and RAM because RAM means that
you can work on open running programs it also speeds up the computer and finally
RAM is Volatile so you need baking storage so if your computer crashes your work
wont be deleted but backing storage is there so your worked is saved from a recent
point so you dont lose everything.

Example question to improve on:
Explain the differences between command line interface and graphical user
interface (4)

Command line interface is a lot faster than graphical user interface, graphical user
interface also takes up a lot more storage than command line interface. In addition
to this graphical user interface is easy to pick up you dont need a manual to use it
where as you do need a manual to use command line interface. If you make a
mistake on command line interface nothing will happen it will not work where as it
would on graphical line graphical user interface you need a reasonably
powerful computer where as you do not for command line interface.

You will have been allocated an exam question to further your knowledge or help you to overcome a
misconception. Copy out the question here in full and answer it.