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Adolf Hitler

World Figure
By: Axel
Hitler at a glance..
O Born: Hes born in Austria not in Germany.
O Died: 30 April 1945, Berlin, Germany.
O Anybody know how did he die?
He shot himself
O And his wife Eva Braun, bit a cynide and
died. Both of their bodies were then
O Hitler married Eva Braun just before they
both died.
O 29 April 1945.
O Hitler was borned
Braunau am Inn.
O He has 6 siblings.
O 3 of them died
during infancy.
O When his brother,
Edmund died, It
deeply affected

Hitler at World War One
O He received 3 battle
O Iron Cross First
O Iron Cross Second
O Wound badge.
O Hitler was temporary
blinded in a mustard
gas attack.
His contributions
He has a good contribution and a bad contribution.
The good part
O His first six years as chancelor, caused
rapid recovery of Germany from the Great
The Dark Side