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September 2, 2014

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The Auxiliary Department which includes Music, Art, Physical Education, Technology, and Library/Media are
pleased to welcome your student(s) to Carter G. Woodson Elementary School for the 2014-15 school year. We are
fortunate enough to offer these extra programs, besides their academic core subjects, to enhance their learning,
physical, and social developments. We look forward to serving you and your student(s) this school year and hope it
will be a pleasant and enjoyable time. We encourage you to view the expectations of each area below so that you
and your child may be on one accord. We also encourage you to view the schools website for important information
and updates as the school year progresses. If there are any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact us
by phone or email. Thanks for all you do in making your childs education a success!
The Carter G. Woodson Auxiliary Team
(773) 535-1280

Ms. Adams Library/Media Class 2014-2015
Greetings! My name is Mrs. Adams and I am the Woodson South librarian for the 2014-2015 school year. As a
veteran CPS teacher of 15 years, I have high expectations in my class and I am asking for your support to make sure
that together, we give your child the best education possible. During the school year your child will participate in a
variety of library projects that will enhance their literacy skills and support what is being taught in their general
classroom. Your child will be required to have a library notebook folder which he/she will bring to each library
class. In addition, please remind your child on library days to return their books in order to check-out a new
collection. Keep in mind, lost or destroyed library books will incur a fee. Feel free to stop by the library and check
out books for your home collection. I look forward to introducing you and your child to a variety of new books!.

Ms. Steinbrakers Music Class 2014-2015
Each student will be receiving an hour of music instruction weekly. The music classes will engage the students in
singing, dancing, listening, playing and developing music performance skills. There will be 3 school wide concerts
showcasing class dance and song selections. All students are expected and selected to participate in at least one of
the performances: Winter Concert, African American History Concert or Spring Pop Concert.
Music class is a participation/performance grade based class. Every student is expected to participate in all
classroom instruction and activities and will be evaluated on their effort and ability to improve their skill based
instructional outcomes. Parents will be invited to the assembly performance that their student is selected to perform
in and are highly encouraged to come.
All music students in grades 3-8 will have an opportunity to audition for the All-City Choir. The All-City Choir is
a great time for your student to sing with students from all over Chicago and is a great way to enhance their social
and musical skills.
We have been selected by the Vh1 Save the Music Foundation to start a Band program with trumpets, flutes,
clarinets, saxophone, trombones and more
This opportunity is available for 4
grade students. Band will take place during recess time on Monday and
Friday and students need to be available to practice before school at 8 a.m. Instrumental user fee is $25.00 a year.
All interested families need to contact Ms. Steinbraker right away to be a part of this amazing opportunity. There
are only 32 slots available and parents and students need to take part in a selection process and interview. Please
email for all inquiries.
Please feel free to contact Ms. Steinbraker if you have any questions concerns or ideas for the fine arts programs at
any time throughout the year.
Physical Education
Ms. McNairs Physical Education Class 2014-15
All students should listen and follow directions
Students should respect self and each other
Use equipment properly
Participation is required
No outside equipment or food/drink may be brought to class (basketballs, footballs, etc)
Wear athletic sneakers for safety reasons (No boots, hard bottom, or open toed shoes on PE days)
2 Whistles and hand signal means freeze
Note: We will be planning a field day toward the end of the school year; any volunteer help will be encouraged.
We will send out more details later in the year about field day t-shirts and final dates. Also, participation is
required for PE; however, if your child is ill or unable to participate for any reason, a note must be signed by you and
is valid for that day. Any extended time will require a doctors note. Please feel free to contact me by phone or
email if you have additional questions or concerns or would just like to say Hi at Thanks for all
you do.
Mr. Pesas Art Class 2014-2015
Welcome to the fine arts program. My name is Nicholas Pesa and I am the visual arts teacher at Woodson
Elementary. Students will be expected to maintain a respectful atmosphere and will also be expected to be engaged
Expectations for the class will include: motivation by the student to learn and participate in the activities of the
class, students using materials in an appropriate manner, students respecting each other, the teacher, and
Students will begin the year learning and reviewing the principles of art. This includes but is not limited to shading,
shape/ form, perspective, color, texture, line, and 2D/3D principles. We will then be studying the concept of
identity. Students will be making art that is representative of them and learning what identity is through the
practice of making art. We will finish the year off painting as long as the class has demonstrated a willingness to
follow the classroom rules.
Rules for the class will include but are not limited to: staying in your seat until directed by the teacher to move. No
cell phones, food, drinks, foul language, or talking out of turn. Respect the materials, other students, staff, teachers,
and rules of the class. Follow the CHAMPS expectations.
Students will be graded on their willingness to work on their projects to their fullest capabilities. The harder you
work the higher you grade will be. The more you goof around, disrupt class, disrespect rules, or not put in your fullest
effort the lower your grade will be. Your grade will be based on your willingness and dedication to make honest art
not your ability to create beautiful things.
If you follow the rules and try your best you will get an A in my class. If you disrupt class and do not try on the
projects you can fail my class. IT IS THAT EASY!!!
Mr. Keiths Technology Class 2014-2015
Students will sign a technology acceptance and usage form for the entire school which will suffice in technology
class. Students will adhere to all rules and regulations as well as participate in class as technology is an important
part of learning in todays society; and steadily advancing every day. I look forward to working with your child; and
if you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me at
Go Woodson Cougars!!!