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Iver Village Junior School

Anti-Bullying Policy
Written by: Mr. J. Davey
Date Written: 22.0.20!"
#evie$ Date: %ctober 20!&
'he ai( o) the anti-bullying *olicy i+ to en+ure that all *u*il+ learn in a +u**ortive,
caring an- +a)e environ(ent $ithout )ear o) being bullie-.
Iver Village Junior School i+ co((itte- to achieving thi+ ai(. We $ill treat each other
$ith re+*ect, an- $e re)u+e to tolerate bullying o) any .in- at our +chool.
'o *ro(ote a +ecure an- ha**y environ(ent )ree )ro( threat, hara++(ent an-
any ty*e o) bullying behaviour.
'o create a +chool etho+ $hich encourage+ chil-ren to -i+clo+e an- -i+cu++
inci-ence+ o) bullying behaviour.
'o rai+e a$arene++ o) bullying a+ a )or( o) unacce*table behaviour $ith every
(e(ber o) the +chool co((unity.
'o re-uce an- i) *o++ible to era-icate all in+tance+ o) any ty*e o) bullying.
We $ill )ollo$ *roce-ure+ )or inve+tigating an- )ollo$ u* all re*orte- inci-ence+
o) bullying /+ee behaviour *olicy0.
Bullying i+ any behaviour re*eate- over a *erio- o) ti(e that intentionally cau+e+ har(
or -i+tre++. It i+:
Deliberately hurt)ul /inclu-ing aggre++ion0
Di))icult )or victi(+ to -e)en- the(+elve+ again+t
1n)air an- one-+i-e- an- o)ten involve+ in-ivi-ual+ 2ganging u*3 on +o(eone.
It can be:
Emotional - being un)rien-ly, e4clu-ing or tor(enting /e.g. hi-ing boo.+,
threatening ge+ture+0.
Physical - *u+hing,, hitting, *unching or any other u+e o) or threat o)
Racist - racial taunt+, gra))iti or ge+ture+.
Sexual - un$ante- *hy+ical contact or +e4ually abu+ive co((ent+.
Homophobic - becau+e o), or )ocu++ing on, the i++ue o) +e4uality.
Verbal - na(e-calling, +arca+(, +*rea-ing ru(our+ or tea+ing
Cyber - all area+ o) the internet, +uch a+ e(ail 5 +ocial net$or., (i+u+e (obile
threat+ by te4t (e++aging an- call+, (i+u+e o) a++ociate- technology, i.e. ca(era
an- vi-eo or )acilitie+.
At IVJS $e believe in the +aying, 2Prevention i+ better than cure3 an- there are
nu(erou+ $ay+ in $hich $e i(*le(ent thi+. We:
Provi-e +tu-ent+ $ith o**ortunitie+ to tal. about bullying an- enli+t their
+u**ort in -e)ining bullying a+ unacce*table behaviour.
Provi-e cla++roo( activitie+ an- -i+cu++ion+ relate- to bullying an- violence,
inclu-ing the har( that they cau+e an- +trategie+ to re-uce the(.
I) the+e *reventative (ea+ure+ are un+ucce++)ul an- a bullying inci-ent -oe+ occur
then the )ollo$ing +trategie+ $ill be u+e-.
Preention is better
than cure
Raisin! a"areness -
( +ta)), chil-ren an-
*arent+ a$are o) $hat
bullying i+ an- the e))ect+
it can have
Curriculum -
PS67 5
8iti9en+hi*, S#7
#rien$ship !roup %
intervie$e- an- a**ointe-
chil-ren $ho are $illing
an- able to +u**ort
chil-ren $ho are alone at
*layti(e through
+tructure- activitie+.
Circle time
Annual pupil
&early anti-
bullyin! "ee'
Ethos % a *o+itive
etho+ $ithin the
Inole the chil$ren %
Di+cu++ion, in*ut in -eci+ion
( an- through our :AB
/:rien-+ Again+t Bullying0
+chool re*re+entative+
Parental a"areness %
co((unication o)
/See a**en-i40
#e*orte- by:
Parent+, Peer+, %b+ervation,
Pu*il, Sta)), Wi-er
8o((unity, %ther+
Possible Sanctions
8la++ )ollo$ u*
8ontact *arent+
<o++ o) *layti(e
<etter ho(e
:i4e- ter(
<o++ o) *rivilege+
<etter+ o)
=a(e- Per+on
Inve+tigate an-
*lan )ollo$ u*
Inci-ent )or(
A$ult A"are
(ullyin! outsi$e the school)s premises:
Many inci-ence+ o) bullying ta.e *lace out+i-e the +chool gate+, an- on >ourney+
to an- )ro( +chool. 6o$ever, $e are not -irectly re+*on+ible )or bullying o))
the *re(i+e+.
'he bullying (ay be by *u*il+ o) our +chool or *u*il+ )ro( other +chool+ or
*eo*le not at +chool at all.
Shoul- the bullying be by *u*il+ )ro( another +chool, $e $ill (a.e contact $ith
the 6ea- teacher o) the other +chool. %ur clo+e lin.+ $ith all neighbouring
+chool+ enable u+ to -o thi+.
Su**ort $ill +till be o))ere- to the victi( o) the bullying.
(ullyin! Inci$ent Recor$in! Sheet
Reporte$ to:-****************** Date:-**+**+**
,eneral Information
Victi(??????????????????? @ear Arou*??????
Allege- Per*etrator;+???????????????? @ear Arou*????
????????????????? @ear Arou*????
????????????????? @ear Arou*????

7(otional being un)rien-ly, e4clu-ing, tor(enting /e.g. hi-ing boo.+, threatening ge+ture+0
Phy+ical *u+hing,, hitting, *unching or any other u+e o) or threat o) violence.
#aci+t racial taunt+, gra))iti, ge+ture+
Se4ual un$ante- *hy+ical contact or +e4ually abu+ive co((ent+
6o(o*hobic becau+e o), or )ocu++ing on the i++ue o) +e4uality
Verbal na(e-calling, +arca+(, +*rea-ing ru(our+, tea+ing
8yber all area+ o) the internet, +uch a+ e(ail 5 internet chat roo( (i+u+e
Mobile threat+ by te4t (e++aging an- call+
Mi+u+e o) a++ociate- technology, i.e. ca(era an- vi-eo )acilitie+
%ther ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Details of inci$ent+s
-ocation**************** .ime************
Victim Support + #ollo"
Support for
perpetrator + #ollo"
/ther parties informe$ 0please tic'1
Class teacher .As Parents Hea$ .eacher Police