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Pros Cons

-According to a recent poll, about 55.3%

of Turks are in favor of joining the
European Union.
-Turkeys unique geo-strategic position,
plus the strength of NATOs second-
largest army would greatly add to
European security.
-Turkey is already a vibrant democracy.
The prospect of EU membership has
spurred reforms that strengthen pluralistic
politics and improve human rights. The
passage to membership will provide the
incentive to complete those reforms.
-young and dynamic population.
-Global player
-would be NATOs 2
biggest army
-To Turkeys credit, it would be difficult to
make such a declaration with the current
foreign relations it has with Armenia.
-Germany does not want Turkey to
become part of the EU due to a fear of
mass emigration, which could destabilize
the economy and greatly raise the
unemployment rate.
-Turkeys historic and cultural roots lay in
Central Asia and the Middle East. It
missed the shared experiences that bind
Europeans together, from the cultural
legacy of Renaissance and
Enlightenment, to the horrors of the
Second World War II which galvanized
the drive for united Europe.
-Freedom of religion
-Unstable Government
-GDP per capital will be below EU28

Immigration is a problem in the EU because The European Union
member states have been faced by the problem of immigration with the influx of citizens
from former soviet states and their former colonies and have long tried to curb this
influx. The member states of the European union have tried to halt this problem by
agreeing on joint policies that they are trying to implement. They have tried to put
pressure on other member and non-member states of Europe that have been a source
of the problem.
There is also the trade in immigrants that is carried out organised gangs
who profit from this. Young women and children are sometimes forced to work as
prostitutes for these gangs. They are ferried across Europe in the back of lorries, ships
or anything that they can be put in and stay undetected until they reach their
destination. The funds derived from this criminal activities have been said to be a
source of terrorist funding. Illegal immigration also has a negative effect on the
economy, the state treasury receives less money because there are so many people
out there working and not paying taxes. Illegal immigration is also a strain on the
government as some immigrants claim benefits that cost the tax payers hundreds of
millions of pounds a year. Illegal immigrants who come into the country in search of
better living standards are also more willing to work for less. This tends to cause tension
and resentment from the indigenous residents. A few right wing groups have seized on
this discontent and campaigned on it at election times.
There has always been the question of how to control the flow of
immigration into Europe. Different governments and experts have all come up with
different solutions. The Italian Interior Minister proposed a six month legal permit that it
hoped will stem the flow of illegal immigration and at the same time reduce the cost on
the part of the Italian government. The Minister reckons that with his proposal many
immigrants will flow into the country through the government system rather than through
profiteering gang.
The British government suggested having immigration and asylum
centers outside the European Union were claims will be processed in one of those
enrooted countries. If the plan is generally accepted it is hoped that it will help
redistribute more fairly the number of immigrants in Europe. Britain has long been the
preferred choice of immigrants coming into the European Union. This plan has proved
to be very controversial as other less attractive countries do not want the extra cost it
will incur if asylum seekers and immigrants were distributed more fairly across Europe.