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Persuasive Essay Organizer

This side is the actual rough draft of your essay

Introduction Paragraph

Hook An opening statement that
attempts to grab the attention of your
readers. This
attention-grabber can take the form of a
question to the reader, anecdote (story),
quotation that relates to your topic,
surprising statement, revealing statistic
regarding your
topic, statement of opposition, statement
of opinion, etc.

I have never met such rude
people in my life! I will never
forget the day .

Background information: Any
information that is critical to
understanding the remainder of your
essay and that you will not cover in the
body of the paper

Thesis Statement (the answer to
the question + your reasons)

Example :
Parents should enroll their pre-school aged
children in daycare programs because there
are many advantages that students gain in the
daycare environment.

Body Paragraph
Transition word or statement (ex.
First, As I stated, One example, etc.,)

Topic Sentence/Your Argument
Restate your main argument from the thesis

Commentary -
Provide a real-life example to support your
argument +

Explain how this quote/example proves your
point. Be as convincing as possible.

What the opposition might say
(State an argument an opponent might make
in response to your argument)

Your Counter-Argument (Make a
statement to overcome what your opponent
might say. Be as convincing as possible. Facts
and statistics work best.)

Concluding Sentence-

Explain how your examples prove
or support your point/thesis.

For example: This demonstrates how

Conclusion Paragraph
Transition + restated thesis




repeat the thesis from your introduction,
but try to reword it.

Summary of argument: Recap
the main point of each of the
body paragraphs.

Closing/Final statement:

Call to action, vivid image, warning,
quotation, question, etc.

Example of a warning ending:

If no definitive action is taken to
educate Americans while they are
young, the nation will soon find itself
unable to function with few to no
eligible candidates to fill the various
sectors of the job market.