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On Thursday we went to the dairy farm.

Mrs Glass drove us there by bus. She took K,2 first and
then 3,6 after she came back.
When we arrived at the farm Jamie was getting baby
calves that were old enough for us to pat.
Next we went into the shed that they milk cows in and we
had to be very quiet. They got two cows to milk but they
did not milk them by hand. They milk them by machine.
The type of cows was Friesian and jersey.
The Friesian had a total of 13 litres of milk.
The cows are milk at 4am and 4pm.
A lady showed us how to make cottage cheese and it
looked yucky.
Jamie talked about how a cows stomach works.
After our visit we waited for the k, 2 kids to get back to
school so Mrs Glass could pick us up. On the way home
Brooke and I sang were on the road again and the wheels
on the bus go round and round all the way to Attunga