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The Fundamentals Of UCR A JEAN DUBUIS THE FUNDAMENTALS OF ESOTERIC KNOWLEDGE Complete in One Volume WRITTEN BY ulloone JEAN DUBUIS TRANSLATED FROM THE FRENCH BY BRIGITTE DONVEZ Copyright © 1987, 1997, 2000, Jean Dubuis. All rights reserved. Triad Publishing FOREWORD In 1995, the author of the present work wrote: "My name is Jean Dubuis. I am, this present day that I write, aged 76 years old, and I have a practice of esotericism of more than half a century. My esoteric researches started when I was twelve, after a tremendous inner experience: the invisible world had become for me as true as the world of matter where we live. From that time ‘on, I never ceased trying to understand the nature of this experience, to find means to renew it if possible, "This experience had shown me that there was another truth than the one of our visible world. 1 wished to be able to understand the nature and workings of this ordinarily invisible Universe. My researches started with books, where I didn’t find much, so my early progress was rather slow. ‘Much later, I found the only book that really helped me, the Sepher Yetzirah. After the ill success of books, I became a member of groups of Rosicrucian or Martinist spirit. I did not find really ‘useful elements there. Their habit of illegitimate secrecy led me far from these groups. "Tes, in fact, a persevering personal effort that lead me to renew my experience, and that resulted in my few contacts with the Eternity. From there on, I wrote three courses, one on Alchemy, one ‘on Qabala, and one called The Fundamentals of Esoteric Knowledge. These lessons were finished some 15 years ago and I insured their distribution for 12 years. This work taught me a lot of things in the field of esoteric teaching, Today I have a lot to add to these lessons." ‘A resident of France, Jean has been a frequent lecturer in that country and in the United States. He was employed by a leading American clectronics firm for 40 years. and has an extensive background in physics and electronics. Jean founded a group in France around 1984 to disseminate his work, and to conduct group research. The association, Les Philosophes de la Nature, or LPN, ceased operations several years ago and was legally dissolved in 1999. Its English-language counterpart, The Philosophers of Nature closed on December 31, 1999, Triad Publishing is now the sole publisher of these courses for the English language, duly authorized by Mr. Dubuis. Jean's research was based on some of the classical texts in these fields, such as the "Sepher ‘Yetzirah” and works of MacGregor Mathers in Qabala, as well as "The Golden Chain of Homer" and the works of numerous alchemists including Flamel, Becker, and Hollandus. These courses are not, however, mere reworks of library books by some scholar, The emphasis of Mr. Dubuis has been in practical work. and the courses are meant to support experimentation, Originally both associations sent the lessons a few at atime to their subscribers, so that one lesson ‘was studied cach month. It was required that the Spagyrics (Plant Alchemy) course of 48 lessons be received before taking the Alchemy course which expanded in time to have 84 lessons, Similarly, the Qabala course of 72 lessons was to be studied progressively. ‘The course Fundamentals of Esoteric Knowledge was developed and eventually became a pre-requisite to the other courses, Dubuis wrote in the introduction to this course, "When we founded the association "Les Philosophes de la Nature’, no organization accessible to the public was in existence - at least in France - that clarified or disocculted esoteric disciplines such as Alchemy and Qabala, However, since esoteric and philosophical groups have been in existence for quite a long time, we assumed that the individuals who chose to join us had a certain amount of ‘esoteric background and knowledge’. However, as time passed, it became obvious that, even though a number of members had spent a greater or lesser amount of time in such groups, most did not have the