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Some Human Resource problems that can occur:

Basically I found there might be 5 diferent problems taken place in

Modular Manufacturing
1 Shortage of labor !ith multiple skills
" Replacement of labor
# $%pertise
& 'ork managements and accountability
5 Helps in a(oiding bottle necks

$ach and e(ery problem further can be described as follo!s
Shortage of labor !ith multiple skills: Modular manufacturing
process re)uired labor !ith multiple skills but *rimary safety +imited
is presently !orking only on assembly shifting to modular process
may lead to shortage of multi skilled labor,
Replacement of labor: Modular process basically re)uires highly
skilled !orkers so replacement of the !orkers is (ery di-cult task.
so it may lead to more employee demands because they kno! that
they cannot be replaced easily for this system has to pay a lot,
$%pertise: /ne ad(antage !ith assembly line !as that each !orker
gets an e%pertise in !hat he does but due to multi0tasking this
doesn1t happen in a modular process, 2his may lead to a decrease in
the producti(ity of the !orkers,
'ork managements and accountability: In an assembly line system
each !orker is responsible for one task, So there is accountability on
each person if the !ork is not up to the standards, But here the
problem in modular manufacturing is that any single !orker cannot
be held responsible if the !ork doesn1t meet the standards, 3s a
result the !orkers may be a little slack considering that the !hole
team and not that !orker indi(idually !ould be blamed
Helps in a(oiding bottle necks: If there is a bottle neck at any
process the other !orkers can mo(e the bottle neck operation and
speed up the process because the !orkers are multi0skilled ,