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Carl Rogers

Group members:
Atiqah Liyana
Wan Maisarah
Farah Shahirah
- Roger produced his first book entitled The Clinical
Treatment of the Problem Child in 1939 and this
publication was instrumental in making him a
Professor at the Ohio State University in 1940.
- His second book, Counseling and
Physchotherapy: Newer Concepts in Practice
stressed the importance of establishing a rapport
between the therapist and client where the
therapist should be caring and open minded.
- According to Rogers, this would help the client
overcome whatever problems he was facing thus
enabling him to gain insight to restructure his life.
- In 1945,he set up a counseling center at the
Universityof Chicago .Based on his experiences he
produced his third book entitled Client-Centered
Theraphy in 1951.
- Throughout his life,Rogers travelled far and wide
to spread his individual-centered approach .
- Together with his daughter,Natalie Rogers,they
conducted a series of workshops between 1975
until 1980 concentrating on cross-cultural
communication,self-growth,social change and so
- During his visit to Russia at the age of 87,he gave
lectures and facilitated experiential experiences
workshops focusing on communication and

- Until his suden demise,Rogers was still actively
writing and conducting theraphy sessions using his
individual-centered approach.
- He was bestowed the Award for Distinguished
Professional Contributions to Psychology by the
American Psychology Association(APA).
- Won the Humanist of the Year 1964 Award given by
the American Humanist Association.
- Towards the end, he was nominated for the Nobel
Priza in lieu - contribute towards nationalist group
conflict in South Africa and North Ireland.
- His name occupies sixth position in the register of
prominent 20
century psychologists.