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Q. Where is Hasahalli?

Why does the author talk about Hosahally with

great enthusiasm?
Ans. Hosahalli is a place in Karanataka, the Erstwhile Mysore State. The
author is greatly enthusiastic about Hosahalli because it is his birthplace.
Q. What is Dr. Gundabhattas opinion about Hosahalli and the world
Ans. Dr. Gundabhatta speaks so uch glowingly about Hosahally as the
author does. He is proud o! Hosahalli. Though he has toured "uite a nuber
o! places outside #ndia, he adits that there is not such a wonder!ul place like
Q. How does the writer describe his village, Hosahalli?
Ans. #n the $illage o! Hosahalli the ango trees produce sour angoes whose
sourness go straight to the skull bones. There is also a creeper growing in the
e$er%so%!ine water o! the $illage pond. The !lowers are a !east to behold and
the lea$es can be used to ser$e a!ternoon eals.
Q. What was special about angappa? How did the villagers react to it?
Ans. A!ter his return !ro &angalore where he had been studying !or si'
onths, uch to e$eryone(s surprise, he was )ust the sae. His hoecoing
becae a great e$ent !or the $illagers. *eople rushed to his door step to ha$e
a look at hi. An old lady e$en ran her hand o$er his chest, looked into his
eyes and rearked that the )anewara was still there. He hadn(t lost his caste.
Q. What does the narrator tell the reader about his village Hosahalli?
Ans. According to the narrator, the $illage Hosahalli is iportant to Karnataka
as +Karigadabu( is to a !esti$e eal. #t has ango trees which produce sour
!ruit. #t is a place that has not been entioned in any geography book, yet the
author is proud o! his $illage.
Q. Who was anga? What was special about him?
Ans. ,anga was the $illage accountant(s son who had gone to &angalore to
study. *eople thought that city education would change hi but they were
wrong. He still showed respect towards elders in the $illage and wore the
sacred thread. Howe$er, his $iews on arriage had changed.
Q. How did the narrator carry out his resolve to get anga married
to atna?
Ans. The narrator !elt that ,anga and ,atna was a suitable atch !or each
other. He arranged a eeting in which ,anga could eet ,atna and get
ipressed with her "uality o! singing. He anipulated things in a cle$er way
and ade ,anga !all in lo$e with her. He !inally got the arried.
Q. What impression do you !orm o! the narrator? How does he add
to the humor o! the story?
Ans. The narrator appears to be a $ery talkati$e an. He )ups !ro one
topic to another. There are too any digressions in his narration. He takes a
lot o! interest in $illage a!!airs. He decides to get ,anga arried to ,atna as
soon as he reali-es that they see suitable !or each other. His narration
e$okes the huor in the story when he anipulates the situation in a cle$er
way. The astrologer(s rearks and the eeting between ,anga and ,atna
add to the huor o! the story.
Q. Why was angas homecoming a great event?
Ans. ,anga(s hoecoing was a great e$ent because he had gone to
&angalore to study. He was the !irst person in the $illage to ha$e done so. His
hoecoing was a delight !or the $illagers and they all thronged to his house
to see i! city education had changed hi or not.
Q. What were angas views on marriage?
Ans. ,anga was o! the $iew that one should not arry a $ery young girl. A
person should arry a girl who is ature. According to hi, a an should
arry a girl who he adires.
Q. Did anga select his bride according to the views he held on the
sub"ect o! marriage?
Ans. .o, ,anga did not select his bride according to his ideas on arriage.
He !ell in lo$e with an ele$en year old girl ,atna and got arried to her.
Q. How did the narrator arrange that anga should meet atna?
Ans. The narrator was a !re"uent $isitor to ,aa ,ao(s place and ,atna was
"uite !ree with hi. /n a 0riday, he called ,atna to his house to deli$er the
butterilk ade by ,aa ,ao(s wi!e. He asked ,atna to sing !or hi and
sent !or ,anga at the sae tie. ,anga arri$ed while ,atna was rendering
the elodious song. #n this way, ,anga was able to eet her there.
Q. What arrangements did the narrator make with #hastri, the
Ans. The astrologer had been brie!ed by Shyaa about what to say. He acted
accordingly. ,anga was already interested in ,atna. He told her that he could
possibly arry the girl he was thinking o! arrying.
Q. $his is a humorous story. Which part did you !ind the most amusing?
Describe the narrator o! the story.
Ans. Shyaa, the narrator o! the story +,anga(s Marriage( is also the central
character. His style o! narration e$okes a lot o! huor in the story. He is an
elderly gentlean and re!ers to hisel! as a dark piece o! oil cake. He is
passionately in lo$e with his $illage and the $illagers and rables incessantly
while describing it. He is a keen obser$er o! his surroundings and uses a
color!ul style o! narration. He !eels it is disgrace!ul to use English words in the
nati$e tongue. He is a good )udge o! people and regards ,anga as a
generous and considerate !ellow. He is conser$ati$e at heart and !eels
unhappy at ,anga(s decision to reain single. He eans well and his
intentions are good. He plans to get ,anga arried. He calls ,anga when
,atna was singing. He also arranges a eeting with Shastri who he had
tutored thoroughly. He had decided that ,atna would be a suitable bride
!or hi. He is a shrewd contri$er as he tells ,anga that ,atna was arried.
This he does in order to rouse ,anga(s desire !or the unattainable.
The description o! the $illage o! Hosahalli e$okes soe huor in the story.
The narrator and ,anga(s $isit to the astrologer and their con$ersation
produce a !ew coic oents in the story.