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Garments manufacturing:

The processing steps & Techniques involved in the manufacturing garments for large scale production
on industrial basis for business purpose is called garments manufacturing Technology.
Garments factories are classified to their product
Types are as follows-
Woven garments Factory
Knit Garments factory
Sweater garments factory
Stepwise garments manufacturing sequence on industrial basses is given below - or Flow chart of
Side operation Operation Method
Design or Sketch Manual or computerized

Block pattern Pattern design Manual or computerized

Sample making Manual

Costing Production pattern Manual or computerized

Grading Manual or computerized

Marker making or lay Manual or computerized
Planning full size pattern Miniaturized
Fabric Inspection Fabric spreading Manual or Automatic or
Fabric cutting Manual or computerized

Fusing Sorting or Bundling manual

Sewing or Assembling Manual

Inspection manual

Pressing or finishing Manual
Final Inspection Manual

Packing or cartooning Manual

Dispatch to buyers Or Retailer
Question: Difference between Tailoring & industrial Garments manufacturing systems?

Garments Made by two method
I). Tailoring system or Bespoke System [For individual purpose]
Ii). Industrial System [For Business purpose]

Tailoring system or Bespoke System Industrial System
It is domestic process It is Industrial process or commercial process
Need one or two persons for making a garments Huge man power is needed for making a garments
Initial cost is less High
Need more time for making garments One or two minutes is needed for making a
Single sewing m/c is used for making a garments Different types of sewing m/c s are used for making
a garments
Cost is high Cost is low
More fabric wastage Less Fabric wastage
Grading is not done here Grading is essential
Garments is produced by the particular body
measurement of a single person
Garments particular & Standard body measurement
of child, man or Woman
Less risk High risk
Need less Floor space More Floor space
Need less skill man power More & highly Qualified man power